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The Ride

Time stops, only space rushes by. A confounding of the dimensions or is it a trick of my senses? Hours pass by in the guise of minutes, or were they minutes that seemed like hours? Perhaps it was the wind, now pushing against me, making me feel it's strength, and now racing alongside me, unfelt, as if hiding before another gentle ambush. Engulfed by it, I slice through, sometimes silently, and sometimes with a roar that drowns out the world. As it passes over me, some seems to pass through. Through my skin, a swirling mass of untamed desire mingles inside me, stirring emotion, mixing with the adrenalin pumping through my veins.

A blur of space rushes past, barely seen, scarcely remembered. The earth itself seems in a rush, spinning and turning, making its way through a celestial expanse. I resist, refuse to be swept along; an impossible task, yet one that must be done. The wheels keep turning. The growl of the engine, guttural and low, ready to spring into a roar and thrust me forw…