The fate of the world

hangs in the balance again. And most of the world has no say in it.

The US elections matter to a lot more than just US citizens. While most of the US President's job would be to focus on ensuring the prosperity of the US, the rest of the world usually comes out as collateral damage. To a large extent, the severity of the efforts to tackle climate change, the probability of irresponsible wars and reckless financial disasters along with much else are all dependent on who wins these elections. The stakes could scarcely be higher.

And both the candidates - Obama and Romney - have their flaws. But Romney and the conservative right seem so regressive in most things that matter to the world, and indeed, even to much of the US, that it is a wonder that the race is still too close to call. But it would be foolish to discount the threat of this bunch getting to power again. Bush, for all his proven incompetence, got elected twice.

I hope Obama comes out on top, not because he'll get most policy decisions right, but mostly because Romney would wreck a fragile global economy, probably cause more wars with his US supremacist views and stifle any sustainable energy businesses. And also, because throughout the campaign, he and his team have lied through their teeth and shifted their stand repeatedly. And mostly, because of my frustration with 'anti-intellectualism' that seems to be the mantra of the Republican right. Complex problems require careful analysis and strategic solutions, than their delusional machoism.


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