A Case for Optimism

My last two posts have been on existential angst and a fruitless pursuit of happiness. It is only fair that I balance it out with a little optimism, not just for the sake of it, but because there is a case for it.

For as bad as the global economic, social and political situation might currently be, it is still the best time to be alive on planet Earth. And things will keep getting better. Fifty years from now, we will live in a different world. To get a glimpse of that future take a look at the commercial below and read the Millennium Development Goals.

The eight Goals are:


  1. It is good to read positive things; this post of yours certainly emphasizes positivity.

  2. It reminded me of a certain friend of yours who used to aim for 9 every semester. Just like your friend, there is not even a slight chance of achieving these goals.

  3. @KG: Yup, I think so too..

    @Anfield: Aiming for the impossible is one thing. Claiming to be great because you're aiming for the impossible is foolish.

  4. Its good to be positive but at the same time we need to realistically design our action plan to achieve these goals else we will keep pursuing them even after next ten years.


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