I need to write. Writing will make me happy. Writing on a blog will get me comments. Comments will make me happy. Replying to comments ensures people return to my blog. That will make me happy. Having 100 followers of my blog will make me happy. I have 96 followers. I've had 96 followers for several months now. New people are not reading my blog. That makes me unhappy.

The post that I share on Indiblogger gets promoted by many people. That makes me happy. I removed my last post after sharing it. Many people promoted the post that did not exist. That makes me very unhappy. I should stop blogging. Maybe that will make me happy.

I have other followers. Every other day I get a new follower on Twitter. It doesn't make me happy. I am being followed by a growing number of people I've never heard of. Why should that make me happy? Why do they add me when they don't even know me? Does it make them happy? Why would they be happy following me if they don't even know me? I don't tweet.

Maybe tweeting will make me happy. But isn't it like blogging? Isn't it just blogging without the effort or skill? Why would that make me happy? I don't like twitter.

I don't think any number of comments or followers will make me happy. I need to write for myself. Writing for myself will make me happy. I need to do everything for myself. Only then will I be happy. Will doing everything for myself make me selfish? Can a selfish person ever be happy? Is there anyone who is not selfish? Is there anyone who is happy?

I think listening to music makes me happy. I wish I could make my own music. That would make me happy. But I don't have any musical talent. That makes me very unhappy. So many musicians don't have any talent. But they make music and that makes me unhappy. I hate music because it makes me unhappy.

I like football. Watching football makes me happy. My team has not won anything for a long time now. That makes me very unhappy. I hate football because it makes me unhappy.

I like art. Discovering art makes me happy. I don't understand modern art. No one understands modern art. New artists only create modern art. That makes me very unhappy. I hate art.

I like thinking. Thinking makes me happy. Thinking makes me find faults. Finding faults drives away the happiness. Thinking leads only to conclusions. Conclusions don't bring happiness. I hate thinking.


  1. syllogism... all 9 of them
    I'll recommend this blog for CAT practice..

  2. Ha ha....I love the comment above!!!

    People are commenting and u have 97 followers now. Happy? :P


  3. LOL@ ravis comment

    go take a walk around, helps :)


  4. Sometimes in life it helps to fragment thoughts into separate buckets - past present and the future. Spend adequate time with each bucket neatly organizing the thoughts in order of priorities. You will see being objective about your life will make may paths clear.

  5. ha ha.. :)
    I am happy that i am following your blog.. :)
    Nice Place.

  6. awesome stuff!!!
    loved it..
    and i comment not to make u happy but just to express my feedback...its one kickass stuff!

  7. Haha, I guessed tangled up in blue is a girl and my guess is correct! I am so good at guessing...

  8. @TUIB: Well, I know you do to! :)

    @Ravi: I'll admit I didn't know that word. Are you preparing for GRE as well?! :P

    @bondgal: If you read it carefully, you'll notice I reached a conclusion that comments/followers won't make me happy.. :)

    @Pranay: Coz the alternative is best avoided..

    @Annie: I thought up of this while taking a walk.. Maybe not walking will make me happy..

    @Gyan: Haha.. I thought I showed the dangers of thinking here.. :P

    @Arpit: Thanks! :)

    @VC: Thanks man! :)

    @Alive: So I guess you're happy?

  9. hahaha/.. Resumed reading blogs after so long and this is the first post I read.. Refreshing I must say :)

    And I totally love Ravi's comment ;)

  10. @Netika: Thanks! :)

    @Ravi: Congrats! :P

  11. LOL..Super post Arslan..Me loved it!

  12. There are good times. There are bad times. Good times make me happy. Bad times make me unhappy. Good times are followed by bad times. And bad times are followed by good times. Happiness is followed by unhappiness. And Unhappiness is followed by happiness.

    Enjoy the happiness till it lasts. And wait for the happiness when unhappiness sets in.

  13. @Shanu: So you'll call off the goons now I hope?! :P

    @Anfield: Haha.. What about when you're neither?

  14. @bondgal_rulz, IcE MaiDeN, Netika Lumb: I am honoured

    @Arslan : Naah..! No GRE for now. I am struggling with sentence corrections (GMAT) for now. I don't expect to get practice for that on your blog. If you could put up some questions towards the end of your write-ups, it’ll be of great help with comprehension passages.

  15. @Ravi: Haha.. For this passage, the question would be 'What makes Arslan happy?' :P This would be very apt for CAT though..

    And if you've attempted the CAT'07 paper, you might like this: http://arslanaziz.blogspot.com/2007/11/bitten-by-cat.html

  16. booohoooohoohoo :'( :'(
    I dont know why, but this makes me very very unhappy

  17. @Pankaj: Thanks! :)

    @Tanu: And that makes me happy.. :P

  18. I am the 100th follower..! came to your blog after a long time..nice one!

  19. **Looks around surprised** Goons? wat goons?

  20. It reminded me of a spoiled brat who no matter what always finds a reason to be unhappy at last..but nevertheless ur post was certainly interesting,entertaining and totally "Hatke"..keep posting!!

  21. Interesting introspection, from your blog it appears that writing does make you happy afterall, be it in small ways :).

  22. @Kodam: Congrats! You owe me a treat! :P

    @Nada: I'm great, how are you? :)

    @Shanu: Think think..

    @Mona: Yea, I did think this probably mirrors a kid in a bad mood. But sometimes we all get into that frame of mind.. Welcome here and thanks! :)

    @KG: Yes, it certainly does.. Rediscovering that fact, actually.. And welcome here! :)

  23. Ink in Arslan's blood. Let it flow man and never stop thinking.

  24. @isambay: Haha.. Thanks!

    @Periwinkle: Thanks! Interesting name, and welcome here! :)

  25. This was loud thinking, i guess, it helps at times to clear our own thoughts. Happiness is so elusive.

  26. Reading makes me happy....but my eyes hurt when i read too much. Which makes me unhappy...

    But best three unhappy moments spent!


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