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I need to write. Writing will make me happy. Writing on a blog will get me comments. Comments will make me happy. Replying to comments ensures people return to my blog. That will make me happy. Having 100 followers of my blog will make me happy. I have 96 followers. I've had 96 followers for several months now. New people are not reading my blog. That makes me unhappy.
The post that I share on Indiblogger gets promoted by many people. That makes me happy. I removed my last post after sharing it. Many people promoted the post that did not exist. That makes me very unhappy. I should stop blogging. Maybe that will make me happy.
I have other followers. Every other day I get a new follower on Twitter. It doesn't make me happy. I am being followed by a growing number of people I've never heard of. Why should that make me happy? Why do they add me when they don't even know me? Does it make them happy? Why would they be happy following me if they don't even know me? I don&#…

The Cliff

Do you know what it feels like to jump off a cliff? No? Let me tell you.
But let’s start from the beginning shall we, and the beginning, in this case, as in all cases, must always start from the base, from the ordinary, and the commonplace. Because doesn’t every story worth being told begin there?
Now you’re at the base, going about your daily business, when once in a while, like everyone else, you look up in the distance to see the cliff, towering, powerful, solitary, and wonder what it would feel like standing there on top. How far would you be able to see and what would your field of vision contain? When you looked down at where you are now what would you see? Would you want to share that view, the beauty and the splendor of it all, with everyone you knew? But these thoughts enter only an idle brain, and your busy life scarcely allows you the luxury to let a thought linger too long before you banish it hastily in favor of action.
Except that for some, it is not that easy to banish suc…