World Cup Breaking News!!

News just coming in from the training camp of the Netherlands football team has sent the entire nation into a state of frenzied expectations. Long been regarded as one of the best teams to have never won the World Cup, this dramatic turn of events has thrown the pre-tournament betting odds for a toss. It can now be confirmed that all the major bookies have listed The Oranje as odds on favorite for the title. This despite the injury scare to the mercurial match-winner, Arjen Robben.

We can now bring you reactions to this breaking news from the players and coach of the team themselves:

"We knew we were a great team with some terrific players. But to win such a tournament, you need something extra. This news has convinced us that we have what it takes to win the World Cup" - Wesley Sneijder

"I was worried if I could go the whole tournament without injury. Now I have no doubt" - Robin Van Persie (Van 1)

"This news makes it unnecessary for me to motivate my players. I can see the belief in their eyes" - Coach Bert Van Marjwik (Van 2)

"Though I'm not sure why I'm the captain, this news makes me feel like I already have one hand on the trophy" - Captain Giovanni Van Bronckhorst (Van 3)

"We Vans wanna win it for the fans" - Van 4, 5 & 6

"I'm not a Van, but I feel like one" - Dirk Kuyt, who was as usual, clueless.

Meanwhile, rival teams have reacted with shock and awe at the sudden news. While some tried to put on a brave face, others were more honest about their feelings.

"I'm glad I'm not the captain anymore" - John Terry

"At least now we have a ready excuse when we get dumped out in quaterfinal" - Frank Lampard

"It's almost a relief that I won't be starting any of the matches" - Thierry Henry

"But they still can't stop me. From diving" - Christiano Ronaldo

"Overcoming Maradona was tough. This makes it impossible" - Lionel Messi

So here it is folks, the news that is sending ripples of joy across the tiny nation where it is legal to fly, and shivers of foreboding amongst all others. I will be supporting the Oranje!


  1. Arjen Robben was unnecessarily extravagant with that back-heel pass which gave him an injury.

  2. I will be supporting them too!!
    I was planning on supporting Spain.. but there's too much Barca DNA in there... LoL!

  3. A fellow Oranje supporter here :)

  4. They have a lot of diving talent as well. Van Bommel will be taking over the diving duties from Robben. He has done so in the past, lets see if he can fool the referees again. Replacing the legendary Robben won't be an easy task though.

  5. @isambay: Thin line between flair and extravagance!

    @Gunner: Yup, supporting Spain is like supporting Barca. It's not going to be a great story if they win.

    @Ajith: The future is Oranje! :)

    @adam: Thanks!

    @Anfield: It's a nasty part of the game. I wish no one dived. Unfortunately there are divers in every team.

  6. And now you must be ecstatic :)

  7. Nice... but Paul the octupus predicts Spain.

  8. @Dreamlife: I could've done with a bit more Total Football on display. But I'll take it.. And yes, I will be ecstatic when Holland win the final..

    @Farah: But Arslan the human sticks with Holland.


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