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Break off all contact. From everyone you know, from every place you frequent, from everything familiar. Be alone, devoid of concern for any other, bereft of care, unaffected by affection, untouched by expectations, your own or anyone else’s. Live in the moment, in your skin. Breathe in, breathe out. Sense and respond. Think. Think a lot. And deeply. But seek not answers. No, that trap is all too seductive. Seek not answers to questions asked of you, nor answers to questions you wish to ask others. No, no answers now. Only thoughts, just ideas, bereft of purpose or design. Shield yourself from the incessant bombardment of your being by the debris of other’s feelings. It takes practice, to be unmoved, to be indifferent, to be free. But only when you’re free from the clutter of an ordinary existence, can you learn to hear your own voice, discover your own self. Unlearning a lifetime of experiences, overcoming influences, to seek that which existed in yourself from the beginning, that whi…