Hepburn - Incomplete

Trying to make a version of the classic Hepburn picture. It is very much a work in progress. The mouth clearly needs reworking. I'm yet to decide whether to include her hand and whatever it is she's holding in it in the original picture. But considering that I'm already worried about the amount of effort sketching her hair will take, I'll probably end up skipping the hand.

Any suggestions on how this should turn out? Any other flaws you can notice? Comment away..


  1. she seems surprised :P

    in the original pic she is putting on lipstick(or whatever that may be).. we often see women raise their eyebrows while doing that. so, either include her hand or lower down the eyebrows..

  2. wow! its pretty...
    don;t you think here ears requires detailing?


  3. I think including the hand will give some character to the sketch....lipstick, a cigarette...anything you fancy...

  4. It is great; Just give some more shading on the part above the eye lid, and ofcours the ear. I donno how the eyebrows are in real picture but i think it should be thicker.Nose is perfectly fine.

  5. @Anfield: Excellent observation! You watch women too carefully! :P

    @Neha: Yup, of course. I've just outlined it here. And thanks.. :)

    @bondgal: Hmm.. Yes, character.. If you check out the original, she's holding some kinda stick in her mouth.. :)

    @Saima: Yup, eyebrows might need to be a shade thicker. Ear and detailed shading are yet to be done. And thanks :)

  6. Looks good even when incomplete. M sure when u will b done it will look far better.
    Work on her cheek-bones n lashes (there's something unique bout the way she wears her lashes, jus check her other pics too).

  7. WoW...It looks you are becoming prof at Art to ask suggestions like this...:)
    I've always liked your works. May your works get more popular.

    Generally speaking you have done a very good job.
    Going into the minute technical details of Art, this particular sketch is called a 3/4 th side angle one(The other ones are front angle,side angle). As you have mentioned earlier, the mouth needs a rework (from full mouth to a 3/4 angle mouth).Same is the case with the width of cheek bones.Everything should follow 3:1 ratio from the centre line.
    Personally I feel you need to improve the neck size and shape .

  8. Well Centre line is the imaginary line which runs from the middle of the forehead to the middle of the nose, mouth, chin and the rest of the body dividing the whole body into two symmetrical halves.

  9. @Shas: Thanks a lot. I'll keep what you've mentioned in mind. :)

    @Asif: Now you're the Prof! Really good technical advice. I'll try to incorporate it. And thanks :)

  10. her thick eyebrows and her large, lushly-framed eyes were always mesmerising features...so you need to elaborate on that. and i agree with the others... dont skip the hand! do a breakfast at tiffany's pose, with her holding a cigarette in a gloved hand...
    *always classy*
    um. on audrey hepburn, anyways.
    good luck!


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