Short Story: 'The Psychopath'

This is written as a guest post demanded requested by Nikita and you can find it here on her blog. After several threats gentle reminders from her, here is the result. A word about Nikita first. She is a great inspiration to all us ordinary bloggers who live in the hope of the day when we too can get others to write our posts for us. For this piece, she has given the first line as a prompt. The blame for the rest of it lies solely with me.


As she fumbled with the keys, partly because the biting cold had numbed her hands and partly because of his piercing gaze, she could feel her mouth going dry. After several nervous seconds, she managed to insert and turn the ignition key, and the roar of the engine broke the heavy silence that had hung in the air. She flicked on the car lights and pulled out of the parking spot. As the headlights shone on him, he started moving to his right. To her horror, she realized that he had his own car parked nearby and had no intention of letting her get away. She had to get out of that deserted parking lot fast.

She recalled the newspaper headlines in the last few weeks that described the horrific murders of young women. There had been five of them in the last three months. All women like her, single and alone, found dead with evidence of brutal rape and torture. Strangely, the police couldn’t find any trace of DNA left behind on any of the victims. A serial killer was on the loose and the police were clueless as to his identity.

For the past week, every news channel had aired countless psychiatric experts describing the prototypical serial killer. A psychopath, they said, had neither conscience nor empathy, the very qualities that let humans live in social harmony. Without them, he becomes a predator, ice running through his veins, capable of acts of extreme violence, without as much as batting an eyelid.

This ordeal had begun over an hour ago. She had noticed him first in a clothing store where she was shopping. He didn't seem particularly interested in clothes. When she saw him again in the shoe store, she became suspicious. After she had caught him glancing towards her a few more times, she began to get worried. There was no mistaking his intentions. She had begun running towards the parking lot. It was a move she would regret.

As she sped towards the only exit from the parking lot, she realized she was trapped. He had already blocked off that exit with a car. There was only one thing she could do. She pressed hard on the gas and rammed into the stationary land rover. The screeching tyres and the crunching of metal were the last sounds she heard before passing out.


She woke up with a splitting headache. The throbbing in her head was overpowering. She tried to move but couldn’t. She was tied up, to a steel chair, in a dark room, with a single overhead lamp. The light from it stung her eyes. Gradually, her entire body started registering pain. And with it, the memory of her predicament came flooding back. The man, the chase, the parking lot, the car crash.

She heard sounds outside. The door swung open and her captor walked in. He pulled up a steel chair, sat across her, and slid a bunch of photographs towards her. They were pictures of the mutilated remains of the five dead women. She took a long time to look at them. She would not be intimidated. She looked up at him, straight in the eye, no hint of fear in them, and spoke in an unwavering voice, "You will never be able to prove that I did this."



  1. Damn it, when I saw the title I thought u were writing about yourself again! Disappointed :P
    Well written...

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!
    Totally loved it!

    Wow, you should write more guest posts :P :)


  3. Nice work Arslan!

    A female rapist! Fact has to follow fiction on this one I guess.

  4. Amazing read! Liked the way plot is described...

  5. @K.Mat: Haha.. I keep my psychopathic tendencies secret!

    @Annie: Not really.. I would much rather have them written for me! And thanks. :)

    @Dr. Riyaz: Thanks! And I guess it's only a matter of time when fact catches up.. :)

    @karan: Thanks man.. :)

    @bondgal: Thanks gal.. :)

  6. nice write .. came here from Nikita's .. following now :)

  7. A compelling read! please do continue...

  8. Apna vada pura kiya...If you remember...
    It is fantastic story...Amazing!!!
    Keep writing...

  9. was not expecting it to take that turn...was a good one though..

    Nice sketches by the way...especially the one of a kid :)

  10. Hi drifted in from indiblogger -

    nice narration, and a strong story line - but I thought that the post was a bit unbalanced ,between scene description and character description..Might be intentional..needed to read a bit more about the crime scene. But then the author is the best judge.

    quite enjoyed reading it.

  11. @Vinay: Thanks and welcome!

    @Dr. Sameer: Thank you.. This story is done though.. :)

    @Saima: Yes, and you did too.. And thanks :)

    @Garima: Thanks and thank you.. :)

    @Gyanban: Yes, I get your point. I could visualize it in my head, but I think I didn't describe the scene enough.. And thanks :)

  12. Ink in Arslan's blood. Ride on mate...

  13. @isambay: Thanks man.. At least its only ink..

    @Netika: Lol.. Thank you for the pun.. :)

  14. Master of twists are we? Enjoyed it... reminds me of Stephen King & his book- Secret Window, Secret Garden somehow :)

  15. Thanks Avanti.. :) Haven't ever read a Stephen King, strangely..

  16. you'll like his style of writing I think... :)

  17. Strong Narration of the plot.
    Every detail elaborated completely, yet hidden.

    Couple of degrees less
    (Arslan is highly qualified),
    and the world would have had a great writer.

  18. @Avanti: I may check him out..

    @Doc: Thank you :) Yes, a couple of irrelevant degrees... And you're a doc now?!


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