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A tough sequence of matches for Arsenal ends with no surprises. A horror show by Fabianski against Porto in Champions League makes for an intriguing return leg. Earlier, comprehensive defeats at the hands of United and Chelsea brought another Premier League season built more on hope than ability to an abrupt end. Victory over Liverpool was expected and duly achieved, and much depends on how many points the other two, Man Utd and Chelsea, drop over the remaining games. But I, for one, believe this Arsenal team, like all the others in recent seasons, has far too many weaknesses to come anywhere close to a title challenge. That they are still in the top 3, and have Man Utd and Chelsea in their sights, is a testament to Wenger's managerial ability. But that is also where the problem lies.

The old adage 'Good is the worst enemy of great' comes to mind when describing the Arsenal sides of the past few years. They've been too good to become great. Built with a modest budget, w…

Short Story: 'The Psychopath'

This is written as a guest post demanded requested by Nikita and you can find it here on her blog. After several threats gentle reminders from her, here is the result. A word about Nikita first. She is a great inspiration to all us ordinary bloggers who live in the hope of the day when we too can get others to write our posts for us. For this piece, she has given the first line as a prompt. The blame for the rest of it lies solely with me.

As she fumbled with the keys, partly because the biting cold had numbed her hands and partly because of his piercing gaze, she could feel her mouth going dry. After several nervous seconds, she managed to insert and turn the ignition key, and the roar of the engine broke the heavy silence that had hung in the air. She flicked on the car lights and pulled out of the parking spot. As the headlights shone on him, he started moving to his right. To her horror, she realized that he had his own car parked ne…