A story, a poem & a missed opportunity

Here are my entries for a prestigious B-School competition. They served their purpose and got me to the next round and I eventually reached the finals. But an unavoidable clash of exam schedule and event dates forced me to skip the final round that is going on in IIM-C right now.

In this part of the contest, I had to pick two out of five pictures and write a short original piece of fiction based on it. Here are the pics and my write-ups.

Picture 1

The Story

It has been over a century since he had last killed someone. The memory of that day still made him shudder.
He had killed many times before, but he always chose his victims carefully so that he would not be haunted later by any stray pangs of remorse. He tailed his victims for months on end and only when he was convinced that their life of unrepentant crime and depraved debauchery had set them on the road to eternal damnation, only then did he move in to hasten their demise. But that night he had let impulse get the better of him. He picked her up on the street certain that this crack whore, had she been in her senses, would thank him for ending her miserable life.

It was only when he read in the papers the next day that a pregnant woman was found dead and bloodless did he realize that he had taken not one life, but two.

A century of grief filled remorse, starvation, isolation and repentance had shriveled him up to resemble a cold dead corpse. He would’ve suffered endlessly, the agony multiplied by the absence of the possibility of the sweet release of death.

Till one day he found a way. An old homeless drunk stumbled across him and fell dead in the dark alley. Before he knew it, he was kneeling down beside him and had sucked all his blood before the body could go cold.

And so he now waited by the bedside of the terminally ill, waiting for them to die.


Picture 2

The Poem

The secret we share,
I can no longer hide,
It is not fair,
To everyone we’ve lied.

Come out with the truth,
It is the only path,
Fear not their fury,
Or an invisible God’s wrath.

We have not chosen,
Our heart’s forbidden desires,
Why must we deny,
What our love requires?

You love me,
And I love you,
And while I profess,
You’re afraid to confess.

For it is love between us,
As commonplace as any other,
Yet the rarest thing there is,
Between one man and another.

When you can feel it in your soul,
Who can tell you it’s not true?
When it brings a smile, makes you whole,
Why wish that they approved?


  1. the story, by the time it ended...had me sitting with a very weird expression on my face. :P

    love the feelings conveyed in the poem. oh the lengths we go to for approval!

  2. Loved both the compositions.
    Story was engaging and gripping and the poem has rightly placed the expressions of the two men in the picture.

    Keep it up!!

  3. To be truthful I too applied for Olympus and like many other competitions of similar nature I used to wonder what was wrong with my stuff. But after gng thru ur two entries I do realize what is missing in my work. Although story was ok but the way u write is simply outstanding (an art which I always wish to have but I know I wont). And poem, simply brilliant. To think of writing a poem on that pic (it was one of the pics I too chose) is amazing. And the poem even otherwise is simply amazing. I guess I have a writer for my movie scripts ;). What would be the signing amount you would like to have (or shall I say equity stake would be good)

  4. lovely!!

    both of them were wonderful

  5. Ohh felt bad to know that you skipped the final round.
    By the way I would like to know what titles you have in mind for both of them.
    Loved the way you penned down the poetry...

  6. @Nikita: You mean weirder-than-usual? :P And I knew you would appreciate the poem (too easy, I know :P)

    @Shas: Thanks! Means a lot.. :)

    @raj: :D Wow!! My first movie contract! :P and thanks a lot for the generous words.. :))

    @Sorcerer: Thank you! I think it's your first time here, so welcome! :)

    @Asif: Thanks man. I too was pissed at missing the event. Haven't really thought about the titles. If I think of something good, I'll edit the post and include them. :)

  7. You're really talented! Keep up the good work :)

  8. Wow, that was some poem. Keep it coming. Sad that you missed the round, man. I think you'd have made it!

  9. @Dhanya: Thanks :)

    @ANC: Thanks a lot. :)

  10. Lovely compositions!

    Its a pity u had to give the finals a miss!

  11. The poem is just so AWESOME. I felt like sighing and laughing and jumping with joy.

  12. @Shanu: Thank you. :) Yea, it was a pity..

    @mikimbizi: Coming from you, that means a lot.. :D

  13. Vampires and gay men? You sure do have some imagination! ;) Anyway I
    enjoyed reading both entries.... esp. the vampire one :)

    BTW, you've been tagged here:
    Try and post something soon :)

  14. I am intimidated by your writing skills man. :) Show me your talisman & I will borrow it...

  15. @Avanti: Thank you. :) I've to make do with imagination in the absence of talent..

    @Standbymind: Thanks :)

    @isambay: :) Thanks man.. Btw, did you visit Stamford Bridge?

  16. Awesome man..esp the poem..it was wonderful!!

  17. I was at Stamford Bridge man. I couldn't miss that one and I even took some pictures which are on Facebook. Unfortunately I couldn't get into the training ground.

  18. OHH! I never knew you are at IIMC! Two of my best friends are there right now :) One of whom you might probably know, she played one of the characters in some play recently (if you are interested in those :P) I read it was a hit in the JokaTimes :)

    About the post, I liked the poem more :) The story was good too but the poem was perfect! :)


  19. @Ved: Thanks man..

    @IcE MaiDeN: So sorry for not seeing this earlier. Nope, I'm not from IIMC, the competition was being hosted by them. So, nope, don't know any of your friends there..

    And thanks. :)

  20. great works dude... hats off to u !!! loved both of them. :)


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