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A story, a poem & a missed opportunity

Here are my entries for a prestigious B-School competition. They served their purpose and got me to the next round and I eventually reached the finals. But an unavoidable clash of exam schedule and event dates forced me to skip the final round that is going on in IIM-C right now.

In this part of the contest, I had to pick two out of five pictures and write a short original piece of fiction based on it. Here are the pics and my write-ups.

Picture 1 The StoryIt has been over a century since he had last killed someone. The memory of that day still made him shudder.
He had killed many times before, but he always chose his victims carefully so that he would not be haunted later by any stray pangs of remorse. He tailed his victims for months on end and only when he was convinced that their life of unrepentant crime and depraved debauchery had set them on the road to eternal damnation, only then did he move in to hasten their demise. But that night he had let impulse get the better of him. He pi…