Postcards from Europe - 6: Awesome Stockholm

Spent a great 24 hours in Stockholm. Here's a photo-essay:

Stockholm is by far the largest city in Sweden with it's 2 million inhabitants making up an astounding 22% of this sparsely populated country.

First up was the brightly lit shopping district by night and with the festive season soon to arrive, most decorations revolved around the Christmas theme. Believe it or not, the pictures below were taken between 3 and 4 pm. Winter days are extremely short, with the sun only occasionally creeping up over the horizon. And even when it does, it hangs very low in the sky before it sinks back down again.

Woke up next morning to find a white layer of frost everywhere. Also, the sun was up and shining which is pretty rare these days, and though it was still cold, it was a good day for sightseeing.

Me and a frost covered field behind

Frost on a park bench

Stockholm is made up small islands interconnected by bridges. There are a lot of boats, ferries and the occasional ship parked along the waterway.

At this time of the year, there really isn't much of a 'day'. Sunlight lasts for barely 6 hours and you have sunrise and sunset and not much in between. It's like being suspended in a sunset, with the sun reluctant to wander far from the horizon.

Stockholm is a historic city, with the 'Old Town' at Gamla Stan having buildings, and this Church dating from the 13th century.

Sweden is a constitutional monarchy and the old Royal Palace now houses the office of the monarch. The royal residence is outside the city.

Royal Palace

Swedish Parliament

The Central Station at the right and the area around it that is abuzz with activity

Stockholm would be a wonderful place to live and if I ever get a chance, I would love to be back.


  1. beautiful pictures...Europe is beautiful all doubt about that!

  2. Breathtaking! *fiercely jealous now*!!

  3. So what's ur post for today? Remember a post everyday thing...

  4. Beautiful stuff... it must be exciting to be in Europe this festive season... have fun!!!


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