NaBloPoMo - December

This blog hasn't seen much action lately. I need to challenge myself. Though I've had plenty of free time in the recent past, and have a few half written posts pending, I haven't really written in a while.

So, I'm joining NaBloPoMo, which stands for National Blog Posting Month. You've to sign up on a site and try to post something everyday for a month. Sounds like a tough ask, and at many points of time I'm sure I'll have to lower the standards a bit and post something trivial. But that's the challenge, to be able to post enough readable quality stuff while sticking with the quantity.

Lots of stuff going to happen in December. It'll get all Christmasy here and hopefully snow a bit too. That should be a lot of fun. Unfortunately I won't be here for Christmas which would've been a fantastic experience. I think I'm gonna get a bit nostalgic as I leave Sweden. The European adventure has been tremendous and I'm sure I'm going to look back fondly at this phase of life forever. I am also looking forward to returning back though. I miss Indian food (not the mess food though), the weather (I want to be able to feel my fingers again when I step out) and of course, my friends.

First up this month is a trip to Stockholm. I leave in an hour. I've been there quite a few times before, but it was always in transit or for some other work. This time it's for sightseeing and from what little I have seen of Stockholm, it is fantastic. Lookout for the pics here.


  1. Wow! One post every day! Lets see you do that! I cud so totally do it with you this month, except I have exams this coming week..

    good luck to you, and one of my friends has been to Stockholm and he says it super-awesome!

    have fun! :)

  2. You're pretty regular anyways and already have the flow and flair that I want to develop. I too will be busy a few days, but I'm hoping to able to schedule a few posts in advance. Lets see how that goes.

    And yes, I'm in Stockholm right now and I can confirm that your friend was right. It really is fantastic!

  3. A post every day!! Tough task indeed.... are our lives THAT happening?? Well, maybe yours is... with all that travelling you do.... if not a write-up, atleast you can post pictures of the sights around you and give a little description about them.... that will serve the purpose, no?


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