We must not forget..

A year has passed since the terrible Mumbai terror attacks.

Has anything really changed?

Are we better equipped to prevent or at least minimize the damage some random inexplicable unjustifiable acts of violence cause to thousands of innocent lives?

Are our politicians firmer in their resolve to provide greater security to the common man and offer speedy rehabilitation to those affected?

Are our security forces better trained to deal with such attacks in the future?

Will our media show more restraint, sensitivity and plain common sense while covering such events?

Or has apathy and indifference, our two greatest weapons to combat the innumerable injustices that are perpetrated in our society on a daily basis, have become so powerful that we fail to even let the memory of the attacks affect us?

We asked the same questions after the July 2006 train bombings and we asked them again last year. Do we want to ask them again?

Resilience must never become indifference.


  1. I see the blame game every where...I don't see any statements like "Did I change myself at all" isn't that valid too?

  2. "Resilience must never become indifference."

    You're right. But you know, I think that whole spirit of Bombay thing is plainly overrated.

    I think our resilience is really our despair.

    What can we do but go back to life as usual? Everyone's gotta get back to their work.

    Thats all there is to our resilience.

  3. @Vishal: That is completely valid. That is why I've used 'we' in the last two paras.

    @TUIB: If it's our despair, then it's a tragedy. If it's our indifference, then it's a shame.

  4. "Resilience must never become indifference."...True words. The biggest problem with the world today is that Empathy has become Apathy.

  5. @Azra: The outward observable behavior of people exhibiting resilience and indifference are both the same. When you shrug off the terror attacks, resist the temptation to succumb to fear and carry on with everyday life, then you could be doing out of resilience or you might've become indifferent. But one is good, while the other is reckless.

    Empathy and apathy that you talk about are quite opposite each other.


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