Postcards from Europe 5: Europe in Pictures

You know how sometimes you want something so badly and for so long that you build it up so much in your head that when you actually get it, you are a trifle disappointed? You blame yourself for having imagined things to be so grand that they could not possibly exist. You think that though the reality is nice, it was even better in your mind.

Nothing like that happened on this trip!! :D

Here are my favorite pics from a long, exhausting but immensely enjoyable and memorable 10-day trip starting from Helsinki, then Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Salzburg and finally Interlaken in Switzerland.

Most of them are in B&W and I'm inspired by the quote:

“When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls
” ~Ted Grant.

I think the latter part of the quote is valid even when trying to capture the grandeur and magnificence of cities, buildings and monuments. Click on each to open the larger image. (If any of you know a better way to present pics on blogger, do let me know. I want the pop-up kinda slideshow that is on most professional sites these days)


Helsinki: On the fortress island Soumenlinna off the coast of Helsinki. It was fall and while most of the trees had bright yellow leaves, these two had already shed theirs.


Berlin: The German Parliament (Bundestag). Open for public even during parliamentary sessions, it is an example of transparent and accessible governance.


Prague: One of the most beautiful cities I've been to. I didn't think it was possible, but it made me wonder if Paris was the most beautiful city in Europe. Prague certainly comes very close.

The Old Town square, the heart of every European city. Prague has Staromestske Namesti, dating back to late 12th century, with a clock tower and a sculpture in the center and surrounded by old buildings of Gothic, Baroque and Romanesque styles.

Prague has the largest medieval castle in Europe. Within its grounds stands St. Vitus Cathedral, an astounding structure that unbelievably, took six centuries to construct!

Overlooking Prague from the castle.


Vienna: The Viennese Palace, with its immense gardens, the Gloriette, a garden labrynth and even a zoo is beautiful.

Semmering: A scenic ski resort near Vienna.


Salzburg: Mozart's birthplace, its a pictureque town set in the Austrian Alps. Featured in the movie 'Sound of Music', it has Europe's largest medieval fortress.

All images © Arslan Aziz


  1. Exquisitely beautiful... feel very happy for you.

  2. Your pictures make me feel that I wasted my Europe trip.. :)

  3. Now I want to go to Europe even more! Great photography... love the B&W :)

  4. Wow!! Europe's regal in B&W man!

    Even tree branches against the sky..

    You have enuff of my envy now to last you several lifetimes.. ;) :)

  5. awesome pictures. europe has captivated you enough to make you turn ur back to blogging, eh? :P

  6. @Farah: Thanks! I feel very happy for myself too.. :)

    @Nirjhar: Well, you have US and far east to make up for it!

    @WiP: Thanks a lot! :)

    @TUIB: Lol.. Thank you for that. :D

    @Nikita: Thanks. I didn't think you'd notice.. :P

  7. @Abhishek: Thanks! :)

    @Nag: No where for a while. :( But Italy in a few weeks.. :D

    @S|H|R|E|Y|A: Thanks! And welcome here. :)

  8. Are you going to Italy too? When?

  9. is it just me or the first one reflects something frm ur life ;)

  10. @Farah: Eventually..

    @KMat: Wrong comment link.. And the first one reflects something from everyone's life at some point of time, doesn't it?


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