I've always admired artists who can draw anything perfectly in the first attempt. I've never been really good at that.

I got the urge to pick up a marker and just sketch and I'm pleasantly surprised at how decently these have come out! Especially since you don't have a chance to erase or rework any line you've put down. Very cartoony, each took about 5 min and they're a lot of fun to do!

And I'm not endorsing KPMG and neither are they sponsoring me. I just happen to not have any A4 sheets. :(

This one's my favorite. I think a little watercolor would make it look pretty neat. Too bad I don't have any. Maybe I can do a series of such sketches on monuments in Europe. This one's Arc de Triomph in Paris, by the way.

Which one's your favorite?


  1. The first is "conventionally cute".

    The second one also looks like a cuddled up monkey(With his hand on his head in a "oh no" expression).. or a rare frog :P Perched on a branch of a tree.

    Third looks like Aranha..

    The Fourth looks great..was that also done in 5 mins?

  2. Every drawing is pretty cool..Asking to choose a favorite will be like asking to choose best inning played by Tendulkar. Each and every inning is special and master piece and so are these drawings:-)

  3. nice! esp the last one.. if my memory serves me right.. u also took part in cartooning competition in the 1st yr.. wat did u sketch?

  4. wow...these do look pretty neat :)
    i like the last a lot. or maybe if i see them all again, i cant really point at only the last one. so there goes my verdict: this is coolness! :P

  5. @eternal: A flower looks like a monkey and a frog?! :| Can't see it..

    Lol@Aranha. Thankfully I've not added him on fb..

    5 min is actually average. The last one might've taken a bit longer..

    @Ravi: Ok, I know it's Sachin's 20th anniversary of playing, but Sachin here too?! :O Thanks though :)

    @Abhishek: Thanks! That was so long ago I had almost forgot! Surprisingly, I sketched a guy and a girl on a date in that one too.. And sadly, I didn't win.. :(

    @Nikita: Thank you! :)

  6. Kya baat hai... very nice... like Shrek very much - the shape of head looks right - not distorted or anything... and Arc de Triomphe looks so professional... Well done. In Florence there was this entire line of cartoonists and artists (stretching a kilometer at least)sitting, painting and drawing - and I thought 'wow' so talented ... and my own brother is so talented... yey!

  7. well.. u sketch wat's on ur mind.. no wonder ur cartoons revolve around 'dating' :P

  8. Arc de Triomph is the best one :) Coz it looks so simple and so easy to sketch compared wiht the photo u have taken before. :)

    And yes... the photographs are just awesome :) Keep clicking and keep sketching

  9. Oh I love Shrek!!! Its as though he's looking at me from my PC... good job Arslan!

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  11. @Farah: Thanks! :) I should go to Florence.. In Salzburg also there was an artist with watercolor cityscapes. I bought a small one. And Shrek was actually a bit distorted initially, which is why I had to throw a shadow on his neck!

    @Abhishek: Lol! I remember the topic for that competition was "It was about to happen when my cell phone rang". The date situation seemed a good fit. :)

    @Hero: Thanks a lot! :)

    @Avanti: Thanks. :) I somehow managed to salvage a distorted jawline by throwing a shadow on the neck. Good if it doesn't show. :)

  12. it just me or the first one reflects something frm ur life ;)

    All of them r awesome btw, I felt Arch de Triumph was the best :)

  13. Just amazing...wot else can i say...

  14. @KMat: As I said, the first one reflects something from everyone's life doesn't it? And thanks. :)

    @Freedum: Thanks man! :)

  15. love the first and the last. both have cartoonsey subtlety, grace and flow. one can see the artists "sense of form".

  16. @Sonal: Thank you. They seem to be the popular choice. :)

    @Pankaj: :D I'll pretend I know exactly what you mean.. :P

  17. nice work dude.... i believe there is a lot in life you can do apart from circuit design :). Inspirational.

  18. Last one the loveliest. First one cutest. Terrific drawings.

    Ps: I have been following your postcards from Sweden for sometime now, so I know you are the visitor from Jonkoping, Sweden.


  19. @dk: Thanks! And it's been a long time since I gave up on circuit design.. Just wish I knew what I'm supposed to be doing. :)

    @mikimbizi: Thanks! :) And oh, yea!

  20. aww.. the first one is extremely cute...


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