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We must not forget..

A year has passed since the terrible Mumbai terror attacks.
Has anything really changed?
Are we better equipped to prevent or at least minimize the damage some random inexplicable unjustifiable acts of violence cause to thousands of innocent lives?
Are our politicians firmer in their resolve to provide greater security to the common man and offer speedy rehabilitation to those affected?
Are our security forces better trained to deal with such attacks in the future?
Will our media show more restraint, sensitivity and plain common sense while covering such events?
Or has apathy and indifference, our two greatest weapons to combat the innumerable injustices that are perpetrated in our society on a daily basis, have become so powerful that we fail to even let the memory of the attacks affect us?
We asked the same questions after the July 2006 train bombings and we asked them again last year. Do we want to ask them again?

Resilience must never become indifference.

An Award!

Oops, I forgot! This was given to me by Shas here at 'Scribblings on the Wall' a while ago. She's a really humorous blogger with a mixture of disarmingly cute and reflective posts. Do check her out (in a nice way!) :P

I won't be passing this award on to others simply because there are too many great bloggers out there and I can't possible name them all.
Anyway, thanks Shas! :)


I've always admired artists who can draw anything perfectly in the first attempt. I've never been really good at that.
I got the urge to pick up a marker and just sketch and I'm pleasantly surprised at how decently these have come out! Especially since you don't have a chance to erase or rework any line you've put down. Very cartoony, each took about 5 min and they're a lot of fun to do!
And I'm not endorsing KPMG and neither are they sponsoring me. I just happen to not have any A4 sheets. :(

This one's my favorite. I think a little watercolor would make it look pretty neat. Too bad I don't have any. Maybe I can do a series of such sketches on monuments in Europe. This one's Arc de Triomph in Paris, by the way.

Which one's your favorite?

Postcards from Europe 5: Europe in Pictures

You know how sometimes you want something so badly and for so long that you build it up so much in your head that when you actually get it, you are a trifle disappointed? You blame yourself for having imagined things to be so grand that they could not possibly exist. You think that though the reality is nice, it was even better in your mind.
Nothing like that happened on this trip!! :D
Here are my favorite pics from a long, exhausting but immensely enjoyable and memorable 10-day trip starting from Helsinki, then Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Salzburg and finally Interlaken in Switzerland.

Most of them are in B&W and I'm inspired by the quote:

“When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls
” ~Ted Grant.

I think the latter part of the quote is valid even when trying to capture the grandeur and magnificence of cities, buildings and monuments. Click on each to open the larger image. (If any of you kn…