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Postcards from Europe - 4: Munich, Paris & Madrid

At certain moments in life, you know you're living through a future memory. You know that decades hence, when you look back at your life, you'll remember the very moment you're living now. These moments can be sought and planned for, or may arrive completely unexpected. They maybe good or bad. My 10-day trip exploring Europe had several of such moments. Here's a small sample in chronological order:
The rides at Oktoberfest, Munich:
We were taken 55 meters up over Munich at night, and given a mighty twirl. I had never been more scared or had more fun in a ride ever.

Let's go a bit higher, and this time, let's just drop! Free fall from 66 meters folks. We were bounced about a bit like a yo-yo. The climb is scary cause it doesn't seem to end. The scariest part is when you're at the peak and waiting to drop. Quickly overtook the previous ride and became the most fun and scary ride I had ever been on.

A roller-coaster next. With five loops. I screamed the harde…