Postcards from Europe - 3: A Walk about Town

I went around the streets of Jonkoping with my camera, trying to capture the serene beauty of this town.

Here are a few:

It's always cloudy

European streets: Clean and Uncrowded

The Bridge across Lake Vattern

The University Library

A street by the University

University Buildings

Fountain in a park

University Gardens

Random grand building!

Music Theatre

Music Theatre

Across the Lake

European Streets

A Clock Tower

Beauty is everywhere here. You just need to open your eyes to find it. Everywhere you turn there is a picture waiting to be taken. I love this place!


  1. @Anfield: Sony DSC P-200. 8 MP. Nothing too fancy.

    @Tangled: Told ya! I'll try to make sure that it only increases. :)

  2. Each picture's beauty surpasses the previous. Awesomeness.

    PS: The pics I like the best are the ones taken in black and white. They capture the elegance of Europe justly!

  3. @195 degrees: thanks!

    @Avanti: And how would you know? :P
    But seriously, so glad someone noticed. Thank you! :)

  4. The Music Theatre is sooo inviting!!!

    Great clicks!!


  5. @bondgal: Yea, I've tickets to a concert there next weekend. Wanna come along? :P

  6. Awesome pics. It was a real visual treat. You sure have an eye for beauty. Waiting for more such visual treats.

  7. Sure, just send a return ticket for me and you'll see me by your side. Lol.

    What concert is it btw?

  8. @Shas: Europe's seriously beautiful! More stuff's in line. :)

    @bondgal: I'm offering you priceless concert tickets and you're asking for flight tickets as well? You're cheap!

  9. Fantastic photos-- i've been to many places in Europe but never Sweden...makes me ready to go there...particularly like the black and photo of the street intersection and buildings.

  10. very very neat captures...n loved the last line of ya post !evrythin is a thing of beauty..ready to be captured!

  11. i've been grappling with my midlife crisis for awhile now, so your post's got me all dreamy in the middle of an ordinary day, at my ordinary job...:)

    enjoyed your writing and the pictures. will come back and check out your sketches this evening...they look lovely!

  12. @mentalie: Nice to have you here! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

  13. @apurvadesai: Sweden is quite a bit calmer (and colder) than rest of Europe. And glad you liked the pics. :)

    @divsi: Thank you! :)

  14. hii!

    nice pics, esp those in b&w :)

    keep clicking..:)

    read ur tag too!

  15. @AS: Thank you! And welcome here. :)


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