Dream a dream

What is this life if you don't have a dream, a vision of yourself replayed in your mind over and over again, a possibility too grand to be revealed, too dear to be expressed? In that moment just before slumber slowly smokes out consciousness from your restless mind, what is it that you think of? What is it that brings a smile to your lips in the darkness, and a joy in your lonely heart?

Dreams may seem weak, fragile, transient. The realists deem them to be idle fantasies of foolishness. Little do they realize that the world they live in, the world they insist cannot be changed, the world they constantly try to adapt themselves to, is, and has always been, shaped by dreamers.

It was a dreamer who first thought of freedom, and it was a dreamer who thought of justice. A dreamer is to be thanked for fire, and for every single invention and discovery since.

Remember when you were a little kid and had a million wishes and thousands of grand ambitions? Nothing was too ridiculous, nothing was out of reach. So does growing up mean you have to cast them all aside? Settle for an ordinary job and lead an ordinary life?

They tell you you're doing great, that you're better off than most, that you've everything you need to be happy, that you should have no reason to complain. But why do you need to be convinced of these things? Why don't you feel it yourself? Why do you need to keep looking at your life the way they see it, count your blessings again and again and try to dispel that creeping unbidden sense of frustration?

It is because you desire to play it safe, to not make a fool of yourself, and to avoid defeat even if it means you'll never have a chance to win. Then one day you'll realize that it didn't matter if you won or lost, but that you were playing the game you loved.

So, dream a dream tonight and smile a secret smile. But more importantly, for all your future days, hold the dream in your mind, and hide the smile in your heart.


  1. I loved this post - almost like you were echoing my thoughts. I'm in a bit of a transitory period at the moment - not sure of what's next and how I'm going to make things work. I do know though that I want anything but an ordinary life. I feel completely frustrated with the way things are... surely there was meant to be for me? After reading this I'm even more convinced that I don't want to settle. I want what I want, be it crazy and ridiculous... I'm going to hold on to the dream for now :) Thanks!

  2. :)

    a perfect thing for me to read right now. convinces me more to juz go for it :P

  3. any particular dream of urs that u are talking abt? :)

  4. Very very well written. Made so much sense. :)


  5. @WiP: Yup, it's something almost all of us go through. Holding on to your dream doesn't guarantee success, but it's the only way to reach happiness.

    @Nikita: All the best! :)

    @Abhishek: I have mine, like everyone has theirs. The point here is that one must hold on to them.

    @bondgal: Thanks! :)

  6. I'll definitely dream a dream tonight!!!!

  7. Very rightly said. Many a times we forget to live our dreams coz we are so busy living our life.

  8. You said it right! These were my exact thoughts for a long time.

    You may also want to quote turing's theorem: The set of problems that cannot be solved (i.e have paradoxical solutions) is uncountably infinite while the set of problems that can be solved is only countably infinite. Therefore, trying to reason through our problems puts us in a lot of circular reasoning towards no end. Relate this to your post the way you want :-)

  9. @Ravi: Awesome! :)

    @Shas: So true. :)

    @deadli_EST: That is quite true. It's hard to recognize the unsolvable problems and maybe the only way to identify them is to keep trying to solve them?

  10. nice!..arslan the spiritualist!

  11. Hi! Arslan,
    Do check out my blog. There's a surprise waiting for you.

  12. Id Mubarak Arslan... have a great day mate...

  13. wow. well said. struck a chord, specially since i'm quitting and about to start my own thing.

    made me happy to read this.

    and yes, id mubarak.

  14. What bout me. I have only dreamt and dreamt and then dreamt a bit more... :(

  15. @Pankaj: Aha, didn't think about it that way!

    @Shas: Wow!! Thanks a lot! Will put it up here in a while. :)

    @ATMM: Thanks a lot and happy Id/Navratri or whatever festivals you celebrate.

    @AGG: So you're on your way to achieve your dream! Awesome. And thanks and same to you.

    @Maverick: Then you're better off than most people I know.. Now get right to it.

  16. Nicely put. Loved the last line especially. I do dream, yet the smile doesn't stay hidden in the heart. but the sorrow does. and kills the dream.

  17. @slash\\: The dream has died and the sorrow lingers? Time for a new dream. I know it's much easier said than done, but that was what this post was about.

  18. Trouble is, most dreams turn materialistic; hence pointless. So sometimes, it's best to leave it to die its own course. Funnily, that's the topic of my last blog post too!

  19. @slash: Dreams that are materialistic should perhaps be called desires?

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