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Dream a dream

What is this life if you don't have a dream, a vision of yourself replayed in your mind over and over again, a possibility too grand to be revealed, too dear to be expressed? In that moment just before slumber slowly smokes out consciousness from your restless mind, what is it that you think of? What is it that brings a smile to your lips in the darkness, and a joy in your lonely heart?
Dreams may seem weak, fragile, transient. The realists deem them to be idle fantasies of foolishness. Little do they realize that the world they live in, the world they insist cannot be changed, the world they constantly try to adapt themselves to, is, and has always been, shaped by dreamers.
It was a dreamer who first thought of freedom, and it was a dreamer who thought of justice. A dreamer is to be thanked for fire, and for every single invention and discovery since.
Remember when you were a little kid and had a million wishes and thousands of grand ambitions? Nothing was too ridiculous, nothing w…

Postcards from Europe - 3: A Walk about Town

I went around the streets of Jonkoping with my camera, trying to capture the serene beauty of this town.
Here are a few:
It's always cloudy

European streets: Clean and Uncrowded

The Bridge across Lake Vattern

The University Library

A street by the University

University Buildings

Fountain in a park

University Gardens
Random grand building!

Music Theatre

Music Theatre
Across the Lake
European Streets

Postcards from Europe - 2: First Day in Jönköping

So it’s been over a week in Jönköping(yawn-chopping) and I am starting to feel at home now. Let me start at the beginning though.Friday, 28th Aug,0330 hrsOur bus from Stockholm arrived at Jönköping at this unearthly hour. There were six of us, three from IIMK and three from IIMA. We had to wait till the accommodation office opened at 8:30 in the morning and we got the keys to our apartments. There was nothing we could do except wear our warmest jacket and lie on the benches under the open sky and wait for morning. Typically a scenario in which I would get philosophical, but I was just too cold and tired. Fortunately at 0530, the doors to the bus station opened and we trooped inside and tried to defrost our limbs. A few hours of sleeping on benches inside and being stared at by the locals, and it was time to go. We were quickly handed over our keys and even offered a ride to our apartment complex calledRåslätt (ruse-lett).

My apartme…

Bloggerly Duties - 3: The ABC Tag

Last of the bloggerly duties. Once again by Nikita, this time the ABC tag. A lot of evil exists in this world. It is upto you how you deal with it. Do you become bitter and angry when someone is cruel towards you? Do you take it out on others, justifying your own suffering as reason enough that they too must suffer? I don't. So, I shall not tag anyone else. :PSo sit back, relax, and bear with me.
Here are the rules (d & e are being dropped):a) Link the person who tagged you.b) Post the rules on your blog.c) Share the ABCs of you.d) Tag 3 people at the end of your post by linking to them.e) Let the 3 people know of the tag by leaving them comments.f) Do not tag the original ‘tagger’.
So here goes!:A – Available/Single? Are they the same thing? I've seen single but unavailable people as well as committed but available ones. B – Best friend? Does it have to be one? I have several. C – Cake or Pie? Do they even have pies in India?D – Drink of choice? Appy FizzE – Essential item …

Postcards from Europe - 1: Touchdown

The first of a series of posts on my trip to Europe.The sunlight streams through the airplane’s window as I peer out at the landscape below. The wrinkled silver surface of the sea glimmers in the slating sun rays, with dark irregular islands protruding through the water. Small islands of different shapes, most seemingly virgin. We are approaching Stockholm, an archipelago of around 24,000 islands, most of which are too small for inhabitation. Think of the islands as bread crumbs that have broken off the surface and are floating away into the sea.We are soon above the mainland and as I scan the Scandinavian landscape I am struck by how absolutely green it is. The terrain is covered with dense ‘Christmas’ trees for the most part, with cleared stretches of crops that are just a different shade of green. Soon I can see bright colored cottages, red or yellow or green, with large prominent windows. Remember the little houses we drew as kids? The ones with an angular roof and bright colors a…