I registered on a few months back. I thought the concept behind the site was excellent, though the execution, at the time, still needed work. I am happy to note that the site has constantly been improved and has found acceptance with a large number of Indian bloggers. It is a great place to browse new blogs according to topics, categories or location. I've found quite a few amazing blogs through it, and their new 'ranking' system, IndiRank, is pretty handy when it comes to picking a few good reads.

The 'ranking' system scores blogs on some (unknown) parameters. Why 'ranking' is in quotes is because it isn't really a rank. It is a score out of 100, and the more you score, the better. Why they call it a 'rank' and not a 'rating' or 'score' beats me. It is quite funny to see people mistaking these to be actual ranks and believing their relatively low score/rating is a good thing. :) I hope they rectify this minor glitch soon.

Anyway, they have a monthly 'IndiBlogger of the Month' contest. I was surprised to see that the topic for this month is 'Original Literature - Short Stories'. Those of you who have been following this blog will know that I've scribbled a few. I was wondering if I should nominate myself.

The trouble with voting contests is that they almost always turn into popularity contests. But since over the long-term popularity is strongly correlated with quality, it isn't completely unfair. But if you add the time variable, then a new blogger is at a significant disadvantage to an experienced one. I don't know if such contests actually overcome or enhance that bias. I'm willing to believe that it is the former. And in any case, as a moderately experienced blogger, I think I won't suffer or significantly benefit from this 'experience' bias, and hence have decided to nominate this blog.

If you like short stories, do check out the nominees for this month here. Then go ahead and pick your favorite!


  1. Sorry, I wasn't online to answer.. You would have had to register at IndiBlogger. Anyway, the contest is now closed.

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