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Bloggerly Duties - 1: An Award!

I have been neglecting my bloggerly duties for a while now. So this is part 1 of 3 posts dedicated to rectifying that situation.

My first (and as yet, only) blogging award!! :D
Granted to me by Nikita here.

"Thank you, Thank you!" (imagines wild applause and blinding camera flashes)
Blogging has been really good to me. At a time when I really needed it, I found a lot of amazing people and made a few great friends. Cheers to all of them! :)
Ok, enough of the speech..

Now the pic on the award is, for some reason, of a girl on a Vespa. So, I'll be gender biased and award it to a few of the exceptional female bloggers I follow (only in a good way!)
And since this is a 'blogger friend' award, I'll be taking it quite literally and award it to people I've come to know through blogger and now count amongst my friends.


Nikita: For the pieces of fiction that make you wish she had dragged it longer. Unapologetic stance on issues. The unending comments she recei…

Short Story: Crushed

He felt crushed. Like the wind had been sucked out of his lungs. And he couldn’t fill them up again. He felt a deep pain in his guts. Not like he had been punched, but similar to the feeling he got when he got nervous, or when he got scared, except with a strange sad twinge to it. This was not how he had planned it. This was not what he had struggled for all those days and nights. This was not what he had sacrificed everything else in his life for. This WASN’T THE PLAN! He wanted to scream. He wanted to scream his heart and soul out. He wanted to tell everyone that there had somehow been a mistake.

This wasn’t his dream, it was his nightmare! How could he have come so near, when millions with similar dreams never went beyond that first hurdle? He had cleared not only the first, but every single hurdle, every obstacle, every roadblock they could lay in his path. He had braved critics and fought off rivals and defeated adversaries for this one chance. Didn’t it all mean something? How c…

Short Story: Creation

Creation. The act of bringing into existence that which did not exist. Something out of nothing. Many have wondered why he did it. What purpose did it serve to create numerous lives, each subsumed in their own little worlds, each inextricably entangled in human emotion? Why bring into existence those whose lot it was to suffer? Why must all his creations relive the same tumultuous succession of emotions over and over again? Each living the same old story.

Stories. That was really what life was all about. Everyone wanted their life to be a story; a story with themselves as the hero; a story with a bit of drama, some romance, lots of thrills and spills, plenty of fun and laughs, hopefully only minor tragedies, and fleeting pain. But not every story has a happy ending.

But create multitudes of stories he did, and all with his pen. On the canvas of paper he painted lives with ink. Creating a character whose fate was to remain forever unloved just so that his grief could provide a contrast f…