As the sun inches its way towards the distant horizon made of faint mountain peaks, I lie on the green grass, still glistening wet with the drizzle of a few hours ago, watching cotton clouds float across the crimson sky. The cloud above looks like a white stallion with streaks of dirty grey, of pure Arabian breed, a progeny of battle hardened horses ridden by kings and warriors. It soars majestically across the sky, as if chasing an invisible foe, it’s fierce stance in stark contrast to its slow drifting, a picture of raw power and subtle grace that only a stallion, and only one of impeccable descent could embody within a singular form. Was it the stallion of legends that could escape the bonds of gravity and soar like the birds, succumb as it did, to the insistent nudges of the upper winds, that had given it shape, and which were now guiding it along on its boundless journey? Framed by the brilliant hues of the red, orange and crimson sky, was its journey through the raging fires of hell itself? Or was it striding through a bloodied expanse of a battlefield, slaying demons and foes, perhaps spilling even innocent blood, in its epic pursuit of its noble destiny? As I lie here watching cloud after magnificent cloud, I wonder if they are just like my dreams. Magnificent, distant, out of reach, transient, and capricious.

My thoughts turned to the prickly moist grass that embraced my spread-eagled form. Or had
the blades offered all the resistance they could muster, but eventually succumbed to a force much greater than themselves? And so, must one bend and yield to the unpredictable and irresistible forces that are thrust into our world in order to survive? Must we bear the terrible burdens of fate, however unjust, silently, patiently, and hope we are able to resurrect ourselves when the ill-times have passed? Isn’t it all a matter of luck when one blade is tread upon, while the other is left unscathed? They say that fortune favors the brave, and that luck would always eventually shine upon the persistent. Can they not see the world around them? That blade of grass that was crushed?

The migrating birds flying in unison and in formation distract my attention. From whence had they begun their long arduous journey, and whereto were they headed? Undaunted by the uncertainties they were bound to encounter, they had placed faith in their own instincts and abilities and set out for their distant destination following an invisible path.

Nature has a mystical power to connect one to one’s own inner self. When contrasting it’s immensity to one’s own limitedness, it’s permanence to our own mutability, it’s grandeur to our mundane dreams, one can’t help but feel a little humbled, and a little less self-absorbed. Does it really matter if I’m happy or sad, content or restless, confused or lucid? The sky will still turn red at sunset, the grass will still sway in the wind like green velvet and the clouds will still float, out of reach.


  1. Sunshine sunshine and there is sunset too…beautiful and imaginative post

  2. wow ..very well written...

  3. i think my fav part here is the first para...very vivid description :)

    "Does it really matter if I’m happy or sad, content or restless, confused or lucid? The sky will still turn red at sunset, the grass will still sway in the wind like green velvet and the clouds will still float, out of reach"

    an awsum end!

  4. @numerounity: Thanks! :) and welcome..

    @Nim: Thanks! :)

    @Nikita: Thank you.. :)

  5. wow i love it!

    awesomely written..also serves to remind one that a lazy late afternoon spent lying on the grass staring up at the sky imparts more life lessons than a whole week's worth of library time!

    makes me want to go out and lie under a tree! :) so refreshing..

    and i loved that game too, picking out animal shapes in the clouds..

  6. @Tangled: Being close to nature is one of the best parts of living here. Nature, music and books never fail to raise one's spirits!

    And thanks.. :)

  7. every part of this post is damn will remain in me forever i guess ...the last para touched a chord deep inside :P

    thanks for sharing this beautiful piece :P

  8. @Vinnie: Thank you for the kind words! :)

  9. whoa! where have you been? actually, where have i been?? exactly a year today since my first post and i discover you today?? utterly shameful, that!! man you write well! this post was as good as things could possibly get..great, great writing..
    following your blog now(duh, obviously!!)
    hugs :)

  10. @mystish: First, happy blogging anniversary! :)

    Such a pleasure reading that comment. :D

    Checked out your blog too. Pretty neat! :)

    hugs :)


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