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Short Story: 'The Performance'

This could be the day he had been waiting for. No, he couldn't afford any doubt now. This would be the day he had been waiting for.
When he first got the call telling him about this opportunity, he tried not to get too excited. It was just a possibility and he shouldn't get his hopes too high, just in case things fizzled out again, like they had done several times before. But gradually, things kept falling in place, and as the process moved reluctantly forward, he let himself begin to feel the happiness that such an event should bring.
He had toiled long and hard in anonymity. At first he had thought that it was a necessary step on his way to further success and recognition. But years had passed and he had settled into a rut. He liked to think of it as a groove now, but if he were to judge himself on the ambitions he had in his youth, this was definitely a rut. Youth is the only time when the goals we set for ourselves are a simple expression of our dreams; unblemished by cloud…

The Coincidence

Exactly 24 years ago (by the Gregorian calender), my Father's Birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!) and my Mother's Birthday (by the Arabic Calender) fell on the same day.

That day was also Eid-ul-Fitr (the Eid after Ramadan, the month of fasting).

It was also the day I was born.



Short Story: Schizo!

He was two people. Two personalities, two characters, two of everything that makes a human being unique. For half the day, he was this one person, with a certain set of characteristics, of emotions, of thoughts and attitude, while for the rest of the day he was an entirely different person, with a different name, a different set of life circumstances, with different friends. The only thing common between both of them was that they resided within a single mind in a unitary body.

But who was the real him? Was one of them his real self, and the other an illusion? If so, which was which? Or was he a sum total of both? Or none? And what made him one and not the other?

At first, when one of them took control of his senses, his other self receded into the deep subconscious of his mind, lying dormant, seeing nothing, feeling nothing. He only felt the joy of the one in control, worried only about its problems and was saddened only by its grief. He could switch one off while the other was on. No …