Short Story: Puppy Love

(My first short story)

She didn’t know what the emotion she felt was called. But she could never take her eyes off him. They both were just kids and there were many others around them of their age as well. But for some reason, only he caught her eye.

She would watch him playing with his friends. She didn’t quite understand the game they played and it didn’t really matter to her. She would stand at a distance, hidden behind a tree or a wall and just watch him. His playful energy, his intense concentration, his joy at winning and his ever present boyish grin were all expressed so clearly on his face that she could not help but be captivated by him. She had been watching him for quite a while now, and all her friends teased her about it. They were just jealous, she was convinced. But what was there to be jealous about? He had never paid her any attention, they had never talked. They had never even actually met. She had managed to run into him a couple of times, but on both occasions, she was too shy to say anything. She didn’t know if he had noticed her. She wasn’t sure he even knew she existed. She wondered what thoughts ran through his head at that moment.

He could see her from the corner of his eye. He had noticed her looking at him for the past week. Of course he had seen her standing there looking at them for a long time now. But he always thought she was interested in the game they played, and maybe she wanted to join, but didn’t know how to ask them to let her play. But only last week, when all of his playmates started teasing him did he realize the obvious. She looked only at him! He had tested it out several times now by breaking from the pack on some excuse and her eyes followed him. Ah, those bewitching eyes! When he had come across her by chance a while back, all he could do was stare and gape at her. She had looked down, in what seemed endearing bashfulness to him, and he was secretly glad she hadn’t looked him in the eye. His secret would’ve been out, and she would’ve known that it was her whom he saw every night in his dreams.

Now was the time to put in action what he had planned. He hadn’t slept the last two nights with anxiety. He had planned to do it yesterday, but had lost his nerve. He had resolved he would finally do it today. He couldn’t endure another night of cursing himself for being such a scaredy cat. No, it had to be done today, it had to be done now.

He told his friends he was tired and that he would join them in a while. He started walking towards the tree she stood behind.


When she saw him approaching her, her heart fluttered in excitement. What was he doing? Why was he coming here? Had he seen her? Was he going to shout at him for distracting him during the game? Maybe he hadn’t even noticed her hiding behind the tree. Maybe he was just on his way home early today. Yes, that must be it.


As he approached the tree, his knees started going weak. He was breathless and his heartbeat quickened. It was as if he was still running vigorously. He almost turned back on two occasions. All kinds of doubts started surfacing in his mind. Maybe his friends were wrong. Maybe she did just want to play with them. Worse, maybe she liked someone else! Wouldn’t that be awkward! He gathered his courage and decided there was only one way to find out.

He reached the tree and stood in front of her. He dropped the bone he had brought for her and gave a gentle “Woof!”. She looked at the bone and then at him, with his wagging tail, his hanging tongue, his standing ears, all as beautiful as she had imagined. And then they were lost in each other’s eyes.

They didn’t know there was a name for it. Puppy Love.


  1. I didn't know "doggie friends" also teased! :P

    It is really cute. It would be fun to see the other comments on this one though!

  2. Hey... thats a cute visualisation for a story! :)
    Chked ur comment on my blog and came around to chk urs & found this one interesting!
    Nice blog template as well!

  3. @Divinite: If they can love, then I bet they can tease as well.. :)

    @Pooja: Welcome! And thanks :)

  4. Well unfortunate but i did a classical "skimming"..reading first paragraph and last line :(

  5. witty!!! Very Well Written :)Well to solve your queries , yes shefali and I are sisters!! And I loved that one poem of hers so I posted it on my blog!! :) And so she commented on it!!! Now your brains can relax a little :P

  6. cute...but someday, just someday, public bahut maaregi :P
    i had a sense when i read the first line ki kuch gadbad hai ;)

  7. @monotony: You're true to your name..

    @Shilpi: Thanks :) So, Shefali comments 'Wah Shefali!' on YOUR blog on HER poem which YOU posted.. Simple, really.. :P And I see it happens the other way around as well!

    @Nikita: Haan, isiliye aajkal public se bachkar phirta hoon.. :) And by now, you should know 'kuch gadbad hai' before you even start reading! :P

  8. I'd always wanted to write a story that dint have names for people..that just talked about a 'he' and a 'she' and ended in a bit of a cute twist..and seeing what u've done here, I cant help but smile at the ending..


    I like! I wish I cud write short stories, too..

    And I see there's more where that came from..looking forward to that..

  9. Really Nice.. i am forced to become a fan :)

    on second thoughts (after almost 10 minutes) though, i guess, isnt this a brilliantly camouflaged manifestation of relaity!! shall i help :P

  10. @Tangled: What's stopping you from writing? I've read a lot on your blog. We both know you're damn good! So borrow a little of O Henry's wackiness, Maugham's twist and Ogden's wit and add your originality, and I'm sure it'll be terrific! :) And thanks :)

    @Rachit: But don't tell anyone who this is about.. They'll kill me! :P

  11. Made me smile..
    and GOD knows I need a smile right now.
    Thank you.

  12. @Lioness: Nice username! :) Whatever's troubling you is bound to pass.. Keep smiling.. :)

  13. Heyy...dat was really cute and sweet! m alredy ur fan!
    n ur portraits n sketches r so beautiful!

  14. one of the cho chweeet stories that I have read lately...keep up the good work :)

  15. @vidhi: Thanks, and thanks, and thank you! :)

    @Pretty: Thanks! :)

  16. This one is realy hilarious n extremely cute... keep up the gud work...

  17. Thats a nice one.. when you say that its your first too !!
    Came here as a fellow contender from Indiblogger of the month.


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