Short Story: 'Love the Difference'

Sometimes you find something so beautiful that you’re scared to love it. Scared, because you know that it is perfect even without your love. You’re scared of touching it for fear of leaving your imprint upon it, spoiling its pristine beauty. Will your love sully its purity? Will your insane desire to possess it infringe upon its freedom to exist? But in spite of these doubts, and such fears, you still love it. You have no choice.

And then you find yourself loving it far too much. You are embarrassed to admit how much the mundane details mean to you. You say you liked it, that it’s nice, when you’re actually dying to express how it has touched your soul, and expressed emotions you thought could never be understood by anyone else.

As V sat there with his picture in her hands, these thoughts were running through her head. Just how had she come to love him that much? Why didn’t anything else hold her attention? Why did she never get bored of replaying his words again and again in her head? She couldn’t really answer any of these questions.

When V had first met him, the thought that she could fall so deeply in love with him hadn’t even occurred to her. They were just too different. She had always assumed that the boy she loved would have the same interests as her. He would read the same books, love the same movies and sing the same songs. She had wondered where she would find someone like that, and what if someone like that didn’t even exist? What would she do then? But after meeting him, she realized that it was possible for two people to have absolutely nothing in common, and yet be madly in love.

The differences between them were too many to even count. He was devoted to basketball, while she could never make sense of the rules. And yet she cheered for him at every match, craving the momentary glance he gave her every chance he got. And though he had never met them, he listened patiently for hours as she told him about her friends. And though she could never manage to draw anything well, she loved to hold his hand as he stroked the canvas with his brush. And though he had never heard of those boybands before, he loved to hear her sing their songs.

They seemed to inhabit totally different worlds, with nothing in common, and yet they had dared to believe they could love each other. Some had laughed at them, claiming it wasn’t possible for love to overcome such differences. Others had tried to break them apart. They hadn’t been able to understand that it didn’t matter to them that their worlds hardly met. For though they were directed at different things, their feelings were essentially the same. The burst of joy he felt when he sunk a 3-pointer was the same joy she felt on nailing the high-pitched chorus of her favorite song. Emotion, after all, is the most universal thing in the world. Every heart feels the same pain when broken, every smile expresses the same joy. If everyone could just understand that no matter if you’re rich or poor, black or white, young or old, male or female, every single person has a heart that feels just the same.

But in spite of their belief in the truth of their love, there was one difference they feared that could break them apart. Because though their hearts beat as one, the blood that flowed through their veins was different. For V was a vampire and he was a human.


  1. wow...amazing story!
    you rock!

  2. As I said, waiting to be helped to make sense of this :)

  3. ok, confess. have u been reading twilight??? :P

  4. okay.. another twilight fan are u???
    well written though...

  5. @vidhi: Glad you liked it.. :)

    @eternalmonotony: Read below..

    @Nikita & Nim: The best part is that I HAVEN'T read twilight! But I don't live under a rock, so I did come across the books, the movie and the phenomenon it has become. I was pretty amazed to know that there's an entire genre of teenage vampire love stories.

    And, of course, I can't resist writing a tale with a twist in the tail! :P

  6. Er..No twists in the story this time :) ?

  7. awesommeee!!! i confess i m a twilight fan n edward cullen happens to be d most hottest thng on earth.. bt this story was unbelievable..

    i dunno if u have noticed or not, bt my stories always hav basketball in dem... its smthng i cant do widout. :P n in ur story it was jus perfect. :)

    i loved it!!!
    keep writing more of these,


  8. I think the story is beautiful except for the cheesy vampirey ending..but the ending completes the idea of what the beginning talks about..

    and u're getting better and better..I loved this line, "Emotion, after all, is the most universal thing in the world."

    P.S. I'm the snotty type who pretends Twilight is for moonstruck teenage girly girl types..But the Twilight soundtrack definitely rocks

  9. heh. u didnt get me this time. i was expecting a twist. but i like your stories with or without the endings. and the theme is often "love" aajkal. trying to read between the lines...

  10. @Ajith: So the V being a vampire didn't seem like a twist? If it wasn't, then maybe the fact that there was no twist was the twist!? :P (Always having twists is to get kinda predictable na?)

    @Annie: Thanks a lot! :) Yup, this one's dedicated for all the 'Twihards' like you.. And Basketball was just a random insert here.. I'm a footie fan! Will surely read ur past stories..

    And keep leaving such comments, and I'll keep writing.. :)

    @Tangled: Yup, the ending is very cheesy. But when I write fiction, I want to try stuff that I wudn't normally even read.. Hence the overload of mush here.. :) The most mushy novel I've ever read is Segal's 'Love Story', and it didn't really blow me away.. :|

    Thanks for noticing that line. It took me the longest time to come up with that.. :)

    As I said, Twilight is probably the last thing I would read if I 'thought' about it.. But sometimes its fun just to indulge in such mindlessness.. :)

    @pankaj: Maybe the lack of twist is the twist?? ;) (though I can't figure out why people think that V being a vampire isn't much of a twist.. :|) And there's nothing like romance to add feeling to a story na? Stay tuned for some non-mush stuff though! (and I'll let u worry urself silly trying to read between the lines (or posts)) :P

  11. I liked the narrative and I liked the ending! :D
    Beautiful prose, really! u kinda describe the typical boy n girl well!

  12. @puresunshine: Hey, thanks! and nice to see you here.. :)

  13. @Bindu: Welcome here! and Thanks! :)

  14. wah arslan..with such gentleness you work ur magic with powerful..and so strong.
    lovely writer you are.

    thanks for commenting ur comments...they were profound.




  15. Gee Vyzz.. You've embarrassed me with your first comment! :)

    Looking forward to seeing you here often.. :)

  16. I knew there would be a twist to the story..But didn't think it would be like this :-)..

  17. @Rambler: If it would've been predictable, then it wouldn't have been a twist na? :P

  18. Beautiful prose. But kind of expected more out of it. The ending didn't quite impress me as much as what was being told.

  19. @Purnima: This was written because of a request for a 'vampire story' by a 'Twilight' fan. Hence the ending.. :)


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