Rome Awaits

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither are champions. But it takes only a moment for them to be discovered, to be recognized, to be exalted into the company of legends.

That day is here. As the two best teams in Europe, and by a fair extension, the world, gear up for the mother of all club prizes, the UEFA Champions League.

Though, personally, the excitement is tinged with a bit of sadness, that my team Arsenal isn’t going to be showcased in the grand spectacle, I really can’t begrudge either of the finalists.

Here's an ode to what should be a grand spectacle tonight!

(Try singing this to the tune of 'Affirmation' - Savage Garden)

They come from lands distant,
But they’re United by a cause,
History will be made in an instant,
A million hands will rise in applause.

From a sunny island off Spain,
Comes the team with immense flair,
Already with a historic campaign,
Barca play without a care.

Will it be a moment of brilliance,
From Cristiano or li’l Messi?
Will it be talent, or resilience,
That will claim the trophy?

The winner will become a legend,
And the loser’ll remain a great,
Whoever wins, but in the end,
It’s all decided by fate.


  1. OMG! Wow!! You are getting better and better... way to go... making me proud.

  2. Hehe.. You mean everything before this was worse than this??! :P

  3. Great build-up. But after last year's final, I'll call this a dampner at the least.

  4. whoever wants t win badly, fate favors them!
    well written:)

  5. @Divinite: Thanks :) And yes, unfortunately. It was too one-sided and quite a lifeless performance by ManUtd. They didn't have the same desire, probably coz they won it just last year.

    @Vinnie: Yes, this time it did happen that way.. And thanks :)

  6. Impressive Blog Bro!
    Will be back for more.

    keep it rollin;)

  7. @Scribbler: Hey, thanks! :) Visited yours too.. Awesome! :)

  8. Great work...

    waiting for more :)

  9. The poem on champion’s league final was really impressive and your sketch work has a real sense of clarity and strong features. Well written and well drawn!!!

  10. Really impressive - though she doesn't look like an ordinary girl next door. She is truly beautiful!

  11. @Mainak: Ahem.. Google 'Girl Next Door' and you'll understand. And you got the wrong comment link.. :P

    Thanks for you comments on all my sketches.. :)


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