Note: Don't search for meaning in this. That is the only way to find it.

‘Tis only a moment that sets it off,
Is it a look, a thought, a feeling, or glance?
Maybe a smile, or perhaps a scoff,
Is it destiny, or is it just chance?

Inspiration is found in an instant,
Though ‘tis often just out of reach,
Is it because you're forever hesitant?
Or is it that way with each?

And when there is a knock on that door,
Just when silence you’d become used to,
Why does your heart sink, and not soar?
Why do you doubt if your dreams will come true?

Don’t stay within a cage,
And naivety is not a sin,
Your innocence is not a hostage,
Of your mistakes, or someone else’s whim.

The strange disconnect connects you,
Keeping distant is your intimacy,
What you crave is understood by only a few,
Is it just joy, or is it pure ecstasy?

When you can feel it in your soul,
Who can tell you it’s not true?
If it brings a smile, makes you whole,
Why even wish that they too knew?


  1. I think i get why we're not supposed to search for meaning here.



  2. wow!one of the most beautiful poems I've read...

  3. @Tangled: I would love to know what you made of it.. The idea was that one shouldn't try to relate it to me or figure out why I'm saying it (as is too often the case).. Just take the words for their own sake..

    @vidhi: This was a product of boredom and inspiration. Glad you liked it! :)

  4. I think each person's interpretation is based on their own life's experience, and what's dearest to them.

    I know what this means to me - the part of my life this would relate to.

    Thanks for sharing. It is really good to write in a non-specific way, so that others can take in the theme you're conveying, and apply it to their own lives.

  5. @Dreamlife: Thats such a perfect expression of how I meant this to be taken!

    I'm so glad you've understood it so well.. :)

  6. its just one moment that defines or breaks ...loved most lines..but this one i related to: And naivety is not a sin.

    poignant, poetic n if i dare say a little bit funny too....overall i would come back to read more of well done, my friend!

  7. @Vinnie: Thank you so much for that! :)

    Naivety is not a sin, but it does make you pay sometimes, doesn't it?

    And I read it again to find the humor, but couldn't! lol.. :)

  8. STORY of my life.
    I've written a poem about this..
    You've motivated me to put it up.

  9. humour as in how another soul in this universe has expressed the same concerns/questions that i have had..this could very well have been my expression too!!
    funny, aint it?
    Life i guess:)

  10. @Lioness: Whoa, girl!! Just visited your blog.. With talent like that, I expect to find your books in bookstores soon..

    @Vinnie: Ah, that way! Yup, the human soul, experience, emotions are all universal, aren't they? I've written about it in the story 'Love the Difference'. Do check out. We maybe different in a million different ways, but emotional connect is surprisingly easy to achieve, if one is open to it..

    And here's a superbly put similar thought:

  11. Captivating. Totally gripping.


  12. @Newbie Mommy: Hey, thanks! :) Really liked your blog too.. Will be leaving comments there soon..


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