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The Girl Next Door

Seriously, which door are they talking about?

There's a lot of detail in the eyes that got blurred due to the glare from the flash. Here's a version with greater contrast.

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Rome Awaits

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither are champions. But it takes only a moment for them to be discovered, to be recognized, to be exalted into the company of legends.

That day is here. As the two best teams in Europe, and by a fair extension, the world, gear up for the mother of all club prizes, the UEFA Champions League.

Though, personally, the excitement is tinged with a bit of sadness, that my team Arsenal isn’t going to be showcased in the grand spectacle, I really can’t begrudge either of the finalists.

Here's an ode to what should be a grand spectacle tonight!

(Try singing this to the tune of 'Affirmation' - Savage Garden)

They come from lands distant,
But they’re United by a cause,
History will be made in an instant,
A million hands will rise in applause.

From a sunny island off Spain,
Comes the team with immense flair,
Already with a historic campaign,
Barca play without a care.

Will it be a moment of brilliance,
From Cristiano or li’l Messi?
Will it be talent, or resilience,
That …

See the World

Sometimes a song just connects. Enjoy!

Song - See the World
Artist - Gomez
Album - How we Operate

Gomez See the world(lyrics)
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Day to day
Where do you want to be?
'Cos now you're trying to pick a fight
With everyone you need

You seem like a soldier
Who's lost his composure
You're wounded and playing a waiting game
In no-man's land no-one's to blame

See the world
Find an old fashioned girl
And when all's been said and done
It's the things that are given, not won
Are the things that you earned

Empty handed, surrounded by a senseless scene
With nothing of significance
Besides a shadow of a dream
You sound like an old joke
You want out, a bit broke
An' askin me time and time again
And the answer's still the same

See the world
Find an old fashioned girl
And when all's been said and done
It's the things that are given, not won
Are the things that you earned

You've got a chance to put things right
So how's it going t…


Note: Don't search for meaning in this. That is the only way to find it.

‘Tis only a moment that sets it off, Is it a look, a thought, a feeling, or glance? Maybe a smile, or perhaps a scoff, Is it destiny, or is it just chance?
Inspiration is found in an instant, Though ‘tis often just out of reach, Is it because you're forever hesitant? Or is it that way with each?
And when there is a knock on that door, Just when silence you’d become used to, Why does your heart sink, and not soar? Why do you doubt if your dreams will come true?
Don’t stay within a cage, And naivety is not a sin, Your innocence is not a hostage, Of your mistakes, or someone else’s whim.
The strange disconnect connects you, Keeping distant is your intimacy, What you crave is understood by only a few, Is it just joy, or is it pure ecstasy?
When you can feel it in your soul, Who can tell you it’s not true? If it brings a smile, makes you whole, Why even wish that they too knew?

Short Story: 'Love the Difference'

Sometimes you find something so beautiful that you’re scared to love it. Scared, because you know that it is perfect even without your love. You’re scared of touching it for fear of leaving your imprint upon it, spoiling its pristine beauty. Will your love sully its purity? Will your insane desire to possess it infringe upon its freedom to exist? But in spite of these doubts, and such fears, you still love it. You have no choice.And then you find yourself loving it far too much. You are embarrassed to admit how much the mundane details mean to you. You say you liked it, that it’s nice, when you’re actually dying to express how it has touched your soul, and expressed emotions you thought could never be understood by anyone else.As V sat there with his picture in her hands, these thoughts were running through her head. Just how had she come to love him that much? Why didn’t anything else hold her attention? Why did she never get bored of replaying his words again and again in her head? …

Short Story: 'The Violin'

All his days had become indistinguishable. When someone asked him the date yesterday, he couldn’t even remember which month it was. The last three months had been a blur. Not the blur you feel when you’re speeding away, going too fast to see anything clearly. No, it was the blur that you see when you don’t know what you’re seeing, don’t know why you’re being forced to see it; when you can’t stand it, and you zoom out, unfocus, and only pretend to see when you’re merely looking. Many years hence when he looked back at this time in his life, what would he remember? Just a void, a dulled existence, numb to any emotion, incapable of thought and incapacitated for action.Every day he went to work, worked, returned from work, slept a little, then got up and went back to work again. The hours he kept at work were overwhelming. Add the time for the daily commute, and he was away from home for two-thirds of the day. And it wasn’t much of a home either. It was just a room with a bed and his few …

Short Story: Puppy Love

(My first short story)

She didn’t know what the emotion she felt was called. But she could never take her eyes off him. They both were just kids and there were many others around them of their age as well. But for some reason, only he caught her eye.

She would watch him playing with his friends. She didn’t quite understand the game they played and it didn’t really matter to her. She would stand at a distance, hidden behind a tree or a wall and just watch him. His playful energy, his intense concentration, his joy at winning and his ever present boyish grin were all expressed so clearly on his face that she could not help but be captivated by him. She had been watching him for quite a while now, and all her friends teased her about it. They were just jealous, she was convinced. But what was there to be jealous about? He had never paid her any attention, they had never talked. They had never even actually met. She had managed to run into him a couple of times, but on both occasions, she w…

The Mumbai Chronicles - 5: 'Local Bogies'

Observations on a typical Mumbai local train journey:
“Darling” he whispered into my ear. Shocked, I twisted my head an impossible 180 degrees and was horrified to see him grinning at me. It took me a full 5 seconds to realize he had an earplug in his ear and was talking on the phone!******************************************************************* “Pari passu charge means we’re sharing the rights on the asset equally with the lender” the guy next to me explained to someone over the phone. I had actually come across this term during the day and meant to find out its meaning. I would’ve thanked the guy if he weren’t on the phone.*******************************************************************

There’s a strange kind of song that plays out at stations. It has a female singer, and a highly irritating tune. With a lot of concentration, I figured out the following lyrics:“Rail ki patri paar na karein, Karein pulon ka istemal, Aur rahein sada surakshit”Translation: “Do not cross the track…

Episode -2: 'Benched'

(Episode -1 is here)

The last few months had been the most amazing of his life. He had a spring in his stride, an unsung melody on his lips, and the world around him seemed more exciting than it had ever seemed before. It was like he was in a dream, a dream he never wanted to wake up from.

After facing all his doubts, all his fears, and the many uncertainties, he had finally come out on top. He had done what he had always believed he could and the joy was indescribable. He felt like the luckiest guy in the world. It was like an all-pervading high that had infused his every moment with a kind of euphoria. Maybe this is how being in love felt. He was in love with football after all.

Over the past few months he had become an integral part of the team. He had formed very productive partnerships with a few, especially in midfield. And it wasn’t just a professional relationship. They got along off the field as well. He had made real friends here. He was sure of it. They played together, faced …

The Mumbai Chronicles - 4: 'Stuck'

Life is strange sometimes. Nothing seems to happen. I've been waiting for something to happen for so long that I can't remember the last time something actually happened. And I don’t know how long this stillness will last. Sometimes it breaks and there suddenly seems a way ahead. I can't see where it’s going to take me, but at least it gets me away from where I am now. Even on the rare occasions I know where the way is headed, I can't decide if I really want to go there. I go ahead anyway. But then it turns out to be a false start, and I realize that though my situation has changed just a little, I'm still pretty much where I was earlier. The progress was just an illusion, the movement was only relative. And this really isn't where I want to be. I'm stuck.Being stuck is something I'm paranoid about. The accompanying sense of being stripped of my freedom, prevented from being where I want to be, and stopped from doing what I want to do, induces a kind of…