The Mumbai Chronicles - 2: 'Dhinchak Mornings and Romantic evenings'

I’ve lately been having Dhinchak mornings, Time-pass afternoons and Romantic evenings. Some of the side-benefits of living in a big city like Mumbai.

On most mornings, I get onto the “Dheemi Local” (Slow Train) with Sana. Nice girl (she is a real girl, for all the doubters out there). We both are on it daily, and somehow it isn’t very difficult to find her in spite of the crowd. She’s one heck of a chatterbox and can single-handedly hold both sides of a conversation. She can go non-stop for hours, and I bet she often does. Sometimes I wonder if she even notices which station I get off at. But she has given me her phone number and has often insisted that I give her a call. I don’t know why I haven’t yet. Maybe I will one of these days.

While in office, there’s Divya. She’s great company, especially on slow afternoons. Listening to her constant chattering is a good way to kill time. She’s sometimes silly, often funny, and always entertaining. Keeps coming up with wacky ideas and has a habit of making insanely crazy prank calls. She likes music, and forces everyone around her to listen to her current favorites. Everyone is only too happy to oblige, if only to get her to keep quiet for a while. Her favorite line is “Its haawt”, not in the Paris Hilton style, but with a Mumbaiyya drawl, used for everything from the weather, to concert tickets, to a new office printer. I wonder what my boss will think if he catches me grinning from ear-to-ear, when I’m supposed to be reading gigantic reports on the power sector, considering that they aren’t exactly known for their humor content.

Then on the way back from work, there’s Prachi. Just the kind of person to hang out with after the busy-ness of business work all day. Soft spoken, sensitive and very romantic, just like the songs she makes me listen. When I get off at my station, I’m still humming the songs she played for me.

I couldn’t find a single one of their kind in Kozhikode, but here in Mumbai, interesting females are all over the place. But its nothing serious with any of them, and (I hope) they aren’t building up any kind of expectations from me either. Who needs that when you can keep it fun and simple, with no strings attached? Also, I’m in the city for a short while, and I don’t see how we can keep this up after I leave. The fact that I spend time with three of them is also not a problem according to me, and I don’t think it will be for them even if they find out. I’m not telling them about each other, and they haven’t asked me either. They’re all from different stations, and fit in amazingly precise time slots, so I hope they never find out that I spend time with others as well. Why to stoke possible jealousy?

Well, if you haven’t figured it out yet, they’re all RJs on the many energetic and vibrant radio ‘stations’ on air in Mumbai. They’re an endless source of amusement, with an assortment of characters (from “Ghanta Singh”, to “Bollywood Baba”), and innovative slogans (“Jaisa mood, waisaich music”), playing songs “Chipakk ke” for the “Fatafat” generation. There are ads aplenty, in between the “Music Chalisa” (40 minutes of ‘non-stop’ music), and the current election and IPL ‘Fever’ has infected the airwaves as well. While the IPL adverts try to claim that cricket is the only thing that binds the nation (is it?), there are a bunch of “Lead India” advertisements that advocate voting, especially among the youth. The most effective of them is a brilliantly executed sarcastic advert that features a politician’s voice urging voters not to vote, so that he can come to power, and “Bleed India”.

When you're shackled 9 am to 6.30 pm everyday, the joyful melody urging you to "Udiyo, na dariyo, kar manmanee..." is such a blessing, even if you can only indulge in such flights of fancy (this post) on virtual airwaves.


  1. Interesting... keep enjoying. And any good hindi music that you can recommend for me?

  2. u know.. one of these days you'll cry 'wolf' and i won't listen to you :P

  3. lol...are you seeing 3 women at the same time casanova?

    Well, no harm in getting to know someone. As long as they dont get too attached.

  4. @Farah: Delhi 6, DevD are still my favs. Nothing too exciting after that..

    @Abhishek: Hehe.. Don't say that! I'm counting on you to save me when I get in trouble.. :P

    @Azra: Umm.. I hope you got that they are Radio Jockeys who I've just been listening to on the Radio. The second last para is all about the content on the radio stations. And I've no idea if you speak Hindi..

  5. Nice start compelling to read the whole post.. :)

  6. Now me too waiting eagerly to meet Sana, Divya and Prachi :P :P

  7. Arrrgh!!
    You seriously have to STOP doing this! Killjoy!
    You do have voting rights in hyd rite? Did u vote today? I hope, with all the goading from the 3 girls on Lead India etc had some sort of effect ....or not! :P

  8. @renegade: There's also Swati & Neha to look forward to! :P

    @Nagneel: :P Believe me, its better this way! ;)
    And my voter ID is locked up at home in hyd, while I'm here in Mumbai. So, unfortunately, can't vote. :(

  9. you rascal you. i was so jealous that i had decided to never read you blog again. your image was fast morphing from an intelligent geek to a ladies man.

    RJs! Whewwwwww!!!

    that was quite a maughamish twist at the end. had me fooled all the time.

  10. I must say you almost got me, was completely into it for a while. Seemed as if herez a new aziz talking about gals all d way. Nice twist in the tail at least for me, being a non mumbaikar. keep it going. Do let us know if there is some part of the story which is real :P

  11. @pankaj: "Why to stoke possible jealousy?" :P And between an intelligent geek and a ladies man, why can't I be both?

    @Kira: Everything in the story is completely real! I haven't made up anything.. :) (Also, your profile doesn't reveal your identity)

  12. dhinchak mornin itself told me tht u were talkin abt radio but readin absent mindedly i forgot this as i read on..towards the middle i ws like fuck saala main bhi toh bombay mein hi hoon!!!!!

    then my consciousness came back when i reached prachi..the post sounded like bachna ae haseeno :)

  13. @kt: Hehe.. You're not the only one. Apparently, this post evoked envy, jealousy, anger, frustration and hatred in quite a few people who read it. And the ending seemed to bring relief to all.. I guess, I'm lucky to have such friends! :P

    And I haven't seen 'bachna..' Ranbir is intolerable for me.

  14. I dont speak hindi but I got that they're all RJ's :)

    Sounds like it's easy to stay amused in Mumbai eh?

  15. In fact, staying amused is necessary for survival in Mumbai. The radios keep on urging the people to stay cool "Mumbai, just chillax" and for good reason.

  16. Wow.. What an irresistible post.. good write up buddy... I was earlier so jealous that you are surrounded by Three gals at a time... But then slowly & steadily everything was uncovered ... I must say, even I enjoy our FM.. It simply rocks... I love Malishkaaaaaa :)

  17. @Alive: Yea, the 'Shendi' is always hilarious! And thanks a lot. :)


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