Happy Birthday Mommy!

It's my Mom's Birthday today. Happy Birthday Mom!

This sketch, the poem and this post are dedicated to the most wonderful person in my life. (I'm not being a cheapskate, there's a real gift that cost me money as well!)

Loved me before I existed

You loved me before I existed,
You have loved me ever since,
Who else but you could do that,
The emotions pure you evince.

You taught me the ABCD,
And many a nursery rhyme,
And now I dedicate this to you,
I really hope you like mine.

You were the one that taught me,
That 1+1=2,
And even when I made it into IIT,
It was every bit because of you.

Another thing for which I'm grateful,
Was how you taught me to tie my lace,
Without which I would have been still
tripping and falling all over the place.

I remember even then whenever
I did trip or slip and fall,
I would yell and scream and cry for you,
'Where's my mommy!" I would call.

Little has changed since then it seems,
And though we are now oceans apart,
In my moments of doubt and weakness,
It is your words I have in my heart.

I remember how I used to crib
About how much you made my skinny self eat,
But now I realize after all this while,
That your every recipe was simply a treat.

Your love is of that rare kind,
Unconditional and pure,
When I'm broken and alone,
I know I can turn to you for sure.

Solace and comfort,
Encouragement and support,
You provide me all these and more,
You are my first thought, you are my last resort.

I know I've rarely told you before,
How much you really mean to me,
But know this Mother my love for you,
Is an ever growing evergreen tree.

I want to be the reason
That'll forever make you smile,
And when I achieve that goal of mine,
I would've made my life worthwhile.

Happy Birthday Mom!!


  1. Dude...
    You are seriously heading for the wrong profession !
    Try arts and poetry !!!

  2. Beautiful, both the sketch and the poem. I hope your mom's read it. Happy birthday to her :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mummy :D May she have many more healthy and prosperous years ahead. Ameen.

  4. Brilliant stuff bro, u made her day. And thanks everyone for wishing our mom... wish you guys the best and hope all your dreams come true..

  5. Stud ra babu!!!! really really great stuff...next Chetan Bhagat in making..(this time an IITM-IIMK graduate who does poetry)

  6. @Cam: But the thing is that I don't know what profession it is that I'm supposedly heading for.. :| Another sad fact of life is that arts and poetry would never pay the bills..

    @DDS, Shivya, Azra: Mom liked it! :D And thanks for the appreciation and wishes. :)

    @Farah: Don't worry, she'll like your gift too :P

    @ravi: Long time since I heard that phrase! :) And Chetan Bhagat? If only every bathroom singer could become a Sonu Nigam.. :|

  7. really touching n wonderful...


  8. Nice picture... saw some of other art work of yours... and after reading the comments above, you are in wrong profession!

  9. Lovely.
    No judgements n comments on this one. Its too pure.

  10. @Safoora: Thanks :)

    @Hemal: Thanks :) But I can't figure out what the 'right' profession is either. And maybe its ok to have an interest in things other than just what our profession demands.

    @Divinite: Thanks :) Mom loved it (like she loves scribble & doodle I do) and that is more than enough for me for this one..

  11. Hey! This is very touching... and what is this about being a cheapstake- I'd prefer a gift like this much more than one that cost money...

    See you around :)

  12. Belated happy birthday to your mom. I have no words for the sketch and the poem. You are versed with both art and poetry :)
    I liked the template too. I have never seen it before.

  13. @mixed: Thanks! And mom said the same thing :) (like I knew she would)

    @Julia: Thanks for both the wishes and the appreciation. This template's new and my previous one was much better but some technical problems forced me to change. Lets see how long I stick with it. Yours is pretty cool too.. Especially as it goes with the whole theme of your blog. :)

  14. belated happy birthday to your mom .
    nice poem and perfect poem good post.
    sketch mom looks like angelina jolie what you say

  15. @reclamation: Thanks. :) You've got some of the deepest writings I've seen on a blog. Hope to see you here often, and I look forward to reading more from you :)

    @sm: Thanks for the wish! And for liking the post :) Angelina Jolie? Hmm.. Guess you could look at it that way, but not too strong a resemblance I think..

  16. So sweet ! m big on writing poems myself..and personally believe the best ones are those that come out with pure sincerity and simplest words...beautiful.
    ur mum must b so proud :)

  17. happy birthday to your mom! it's a wonderfully written gift that u've given her :)

  18. @Shefali: Yes, I read a few of yours. They were cute :) Anyway, poetry's not really a hobby of mine. Just wanted to do this for Mom. And thanks a lot! :)


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