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Happy Birthday Mommy!

It's my Mom's Birthday today. Happy Birthday Mom!

This sketch, the poem and this post are dedicated to the most wonderful person in my life. (I'm not being a cheapskate, there's a real gift that cost me money as well!)

Loved me before I existed

You loved me before I existed,
You have loved me ever since,
Who else but you could do that,
The emotions pure you evince.

You taught me the ABCD,
And many a nursery rhyme,
And now I dedicate this to you,
I really hope you like mine.

You were the one that taught me,
That 1+1=2,
And even when I made it into IIT,
It was every bit because of you.

Another thing for which I'm grateful,
Was how you taught me to tie my lace,
Without which I would have been still
tripping and falling all over the place.

I remember even then whenever
I did trip or slip and fall,
I would yell and scream and cry for you,
'Where's my mommy!" I would call.

Little has changed since then it seems,
And though we are now oceans apart,
In my moments of doubt and weakness…

Episodes - 1: 'The Debut'

This is the first part of a series of fictional episodes I plan to write. There isn't a plot to them as of now.

He couldn't stop his legs from shaking. He tried telling himself that it was going to be alright. That everyone who was here before him must have felt the same nervousness, the same jitters, and the same fear. They had all overcome it, and so could he. This was his passage into history, the gateway into his dreams. Ever since he could remember, this was what he had wanted, this was all that he had ever wanted. Now that he was there, it somehow had an unreal feeling to it, like he was back in his dream. There was an eerie sense of déjà-vu, of having been here before. There was a time when his dreams had been so vivid, he could swear that they were real, and now it was his reality that felt like a dream.

He looked around at the faces he had grown accustomed to. Familiar strangers. They had come from all corners of the world, of different colors, ages, sizes and languages…

Have, need, want

Things can be classified into three types:
What you haveWhat you needWhat you wantHow much they overlap determines how satisfied you are with life.

A typical person:

Messed up:

The aim:

To me, the best way to maximize congruence would be to move what you want closer to what you need. But thats easier said than done, and requires considerable self awareness and analysis.

Once you want what you need, you've to focus on getting it. That would maximize congruence.

Which state are you currently in?

The Date

(After this and this, I know readers aren't gonna take whatever I say at face value. But this incident is REAL. Honest! I was meeting a REAL girl, face-to-face, in flesh and blood.)

So I arrived on the day we had set, at the place we had picked (both of which will remain unspecified), a little before the time we had fixed. The nervous wait seemed interminable, my anxiety just kept increasing. The anticipation of meeting her for the first time was unnerving. I was in my best attire, carefully picked out for this occasion, well groomed and eager to make a good first impression.

As I waited for her outside, (let me call her Miss J) I began thinking of all the topics we could talk about. Should I talk about my love of books, or my amateurish attempts at sketching? Or would she be a sports buff with whom I could discuss the latest football match? Academics? (naaah!) Politics? (only if she’s into it) Art, culture? (great!) Business? (I hope not) After running through all the topics I coul…

The Mumbai Chronicles - 3: 'Theatre se Blog tak'

As part of my cultural exploration of Mumbai, I went to watch a play along with a friend this Saturday to the NCPA (National Center of Performing Arts) Experimental Theatre at Nariman Point. Our choice was a Hindi play titled “Pencil Se Brush Tak”, which was based on the life and art of M. F. Hussain (Maqbool Fida Hussain) drawn from his memoirs and inspired by his paintings. Directed by Nadira Zaheer Babbar with extensive involvement from M F Hussain himself, the play has been targeted by the anti-Hussain lobby, with threats made against the director and cast. That’s tragic, because the play in itself, does not contain anything that can even remotely be described as controversial.

The set (conceptualized by M. F. Hussain himself) was like a gallery of his most famous paintings, which itself was visually stimulating. The attempt of the play was to trace Hussain’s evolution over several decades, from his humble background, to his years struggling as a painter of movie posters in Mumbai,…

The Mumbai Chronicles - 2: 'Dhinchak Mornings and Romantic evenings'

I’ve lately been having Dhinchak mornings, Time-pass afternoons and Romantic evenings. Some of the side-benefits of living in a big city like Mumbai.

On most mornings, I get onto the “Dheemi Local” (Slow Train) with Sana. Nice girl (sheisareal girl, for all the doubters out there). We both are on it daily, and somehow it isn’t very difficult to find her in spite of the crowd. She’s one heck of a chatterbox and can single-handedly hold both sides of a conversation. She can go non-stop for hours, and I bet she often does. Sometimes I wonder if she even notices which station I get off at. But she has given me her phone number and has often insisted that I give her a call. I don’t know why I haven’t yet. Maybe I will one of these days.

While in office, there’s Divya. She’s great company, especially on slow afternoons. Listening to her constant chattering is a good way to kill time. She’s sometimes silly, often funny, and always entertaining. Keeps coming up with wacky ideas and has a habit …

Speak like a CEO

Found this statement by a CEO in a company report. You can fit the name of any business in the blanks, and it will make perfect sense. Its as if its from a "A handbook of CEO statements for every business". A great example of speaking, without really saying anything; something we do all the time in an MBA program. And if this is what being a CEO is all about, I want my turn now!“We remain solidly convinced about the business prospects of ___ ventures. Toward that end we have invested tremendous financial and human resources to establish a versatile and robust operating model, and I am glad to share that we have already made noticeable on-the-ground progress in this direction. We believe that we are on the cusp of the next growth wave and would like to be prepared to establish a sizeable footprint in this area.I believe that ___ truly represents a win-win opportunity for both society and business, creating a real long term value proposition for all its stakeholders. Though th…

The Mumbai Chronicles - 1: 'Local Love'

This is the first of a series of posts, titled 'The Mumbai Chronicles', on my experiences during the two month stay in the great city of Mumbai. One of the most distinctive features of Mumbai are its local trains. Carrying God knows how many commuters daily, it is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to travel in Mumbai. Convenience, however, is not one of their virtues.
Having traveled by the ‘Local’ (as it is simply known locally) twice daily, to and from work, for the past week, I’ve got a deep perspective on what a sardine, in a can of sardines, feels like. Except there are more sardines packed in this can than it was meant for. My recipe for the Mumbai local is to take two cans of sardines and stuff them into a single can. Then roll it on its sides, and you’ve a mini Mumbai local. Sometimes, you might not get to go inside one, even though you might be traveling by it. I wonder if there’s any refund that you can claim by virtue of you not actually traveling ‘inside’ it. Ho…

Football and Fans

You can almost always tell when a person started following football by the team he supports. Sure, there are periods of ambiguity, where a new fan has an array of different teams to chose from, all performing at an equally inspiring level. But such periods are few and far between. I've to qualify this statement by stating that I'm only referring fans who are roughly within my age group, and who live outside the UK (so as not to have any local loyalties).

I'll start off with Arsenal. Most of the fiercely loyal supporters of Arsenal began supporting the club around the 1997-98 season, when Arsenal did the double of the Premier League and the FA Cup. On the way they displayed the kind of scintillating flowing football, oozing class and panache the likes of which had never been seen in England. It was the time when Arsene Wenger's efforts at building the club had borne fruit. A middle of the table club, and an obscure manager had combined to form one of the most endu…