Visual Delights

"Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in" - American Beauty

The quote is my favorite from the movie, which is filled with memorable lines. It pops in my head whenever I find something beautiful in nature.

I often spend hours browsing through Flickr, searching for interesting subjects to sketch, or just admire the beauty of nature, and the talent of those who capture it. Here are a few I picked in the past few hours.

It doesn't have to be something dramatic or grand. Just an interesting angle or the right composition can create a true visual delight. Its like music for the eyes. Gladdens the heart and rejuvenates the soul.

You could take a quick glance at each, or you could study them in minute detail. I indulge in the second approach, taking in each colour, each texture, each shape. It is hard not to be inspired, amazed, excited and happy.

P.S 1: Most of the above pics are from Sweden or elsewhere in Scandinavia.
P.S 2: All credit is due to the photographers of these amazing pictures.


  1. P.S 3:All credit goes to Arslan Aziz as he is the most versatile and talented person in the small world of mine.U really rock Arslan.U will change the world one day.U have such a artistic flavour along with a beautiful mind.I keep on waiting for updates on ur blog.I think this has become a habit now.

  2. Nice collection Arslan. But hope u know that all these pics have been heavily 'photoshop'ed to get these eye-catching visual treats.

  3. In reality, its not as good as it looks in picture.

    stop posting messages as Anonymous.

  4. Actually, I would say that in reality it is MORE beautiful than these!

    But yeah, a couple of the above are good. Especially the last one.

  5. @Anon: Thanks for such extremely kind words! Though I know they are undeserved, (and quite possibly a prank someone's playing on me), they still made my day. :)

    @Vedank: Yes, I do know that. But just as you use a macro lens to take close-ups of things you can't see with the naked eye, you can similarly adjust the contrast and saturation of pics to get more visually appealing effects. I see no problem with that, especially when the results are so splendid.

    @Ajey: Everything is as beautiful as you make it out to be..

    @Divinite: Only a couple?! :P

  6. Brilliant picture collection..


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