Beauty - Part I

This is the first of a two part series on Beauty (the second part will be an essay).

There is a reason why only half the face is drawn (apart from the fact that it saved half the effort of a full portrait!)

Don't bother trying to guess who it is. It is based on someone mildly famous, but I've intentionally not reproduced the subject accurately. The idea here was just to focus on beauty, and not the person. I'll elaborate on this in part-II.

  • Started off with the eye as usual. Its the easiest feature to draw and adds so much life to the subject. When I look into the eye, it keeps me motivated to do a good job with the rest of the sketch. Also shown is some light shading to get a feel for the contrast and create depth.

  • The final version. The hair was a problem as usual and slowed me down considerably. But I can see some improvement in my technique, which is encouraging.

P.S: Comments on the sketch are welcome, and your thoughts on the concept of beauty are sought.


  1. Great Work Arslan.Pics are really amazing.Beauty lies in the eye of beholder.And from eyes we can judge heart of a person.Do i need to say more?U have a golden heart Arslan.

  2. gud work :) .. i found half-finished sketch more beutiful than d final version :)


  3. @Safoora: Thanks :) Interesting observation, because I haven't really used the eraser much. I think the problem is that the 2nd pic came out much brighter, which has hidden some of the gray tones of the sketch. The actual sketch does have more shades than the 2nd pic captures.

  4. Are you that big a Winona Ryder fan?

  5. wow wow wow!
    amazing! the eyes of the sketch say it all!

  6. @Mishima: Not Winona Ryder. Though now that you mention it, I can see the similarity. As I mentioned in the post, its not anybody real.

    @Abhinav: Thanks :)

  7. beautiful mate......keep it coming

  8. niiiice! I used to sketch quite a bit as a child, and while it was nothing like yours (ie very 1-D, lacking depth), hair was something I loved drawing. I loved hairstyles etc.

  9. @isheeta: Maybe the fact that you can try those different hairstyles made them interesting to you. For me, they're just a big challenge to draw. But challenges are good.. :)


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