Green Apples

Three Green Apples Today,
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Wanted to try the new color pencils I bought in Bangalore. Started off with what I thought would be a relatively easy subject. But I totally underestimated the effort that this would take. Still far from satisfied with this, but I really wanted to end this and try something else. Hastiness shows, unfortunately, like it always does.


  1. You really have some sketching talent! Good work.

    Have one suggestion though, if you don't mind. When you sketch, especially still life, use "light" to your maximum advantage. Divide the sketch as the "light" n the "dark" side instead of all in one tone. Might have a better effect. But yeah, its a lot tough to do it in color as opposed to black n white.

  2. I really liked ur sketch.I was searching on internet for some good screensaver.But now i have got one.Ur sketch is going to be my screensaver now.Its so soothing to eyes.You are too much talented.I am getting jealous.

  3. Nice... I am remembering the other red apples sketch that you had done when you were a kid... that was awesome too...

  4. @Divinite: Really appreciate the tip. Keep em' coming.. Will go a long way in helping me improve :)
    I'm still too unskilled to execute a sketch exactly the way I want to, but I did want to have the light and dark sides. But I just cudn't figure out what colour the dark side of the apple should be. I tried blue and black, as you can notice at the left and right extremes of the middle apple. But still a lot left to be desired.

    @Anon: Thats a BIG compliment! :) I certainly don't think I deserve it, but thanks a ton, anyways. And a little jealousy is a good thing! ;)

    @Farah: Yea, I remember that. They were even better, I think.

  5. You know that I don't praise someone unless I get really impressed. But yeah, this one is nice..


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