Guess who else blogs..

I don't generally write posts on political topics, but just couldn't ignore this.

If you've surfed the net in the recent weeks, you would almost certainly have come across this, LK Advani's blog. So ubiquitous are the advertisements for the site, that they pop up in the least likeliest of places. In my mail, on the sports website I frequent, on Indian news sites of course, but also on online sites of American publications like New York Times. I'm sure there's a tremendous amount of money being pumped in this marketing effort.

Its surprising that it took an octogenarian politician to start what I hope will become a trend. I think its a big strategic advantage that the BJP is going to derive out of moving early into the blogosphere. Though Advani's blog itself is about humdrum political affairs, and not something I would be interested in closely following, there are plenty of bloggers and blog readers who do have interest in such stuff, and this blog is a great initiative for them.

Overall, I think politicians blogging is an extremely promising development. Certainly better than bollywood celebrities who use it to cause controversies and remain in the headlines before a new release. Politician's blogs will give a chance for ordinary people, like you and me, to be actually heard by the people on whose desks the buck stops. Imagine being able to tell your PM or FM what you think needs to be done by them. The possibilities are tantalizingly endless.

Though some will complain that such an initiative will leave out the poor and uneducated who have no access to internet, it is certainly not enough of a reason to avoid such an initiative. That would be a throwback to the old policy of 'Prevent everyone, if some can't'.

I think all the other parties, especially the Congress and Rahul Gandhi, have missed a trick.


  1. yes, that would certainly be an interesting case, and nice to know this new premise of technological savvyness being added to politics...


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