CAT killed the curiosity?

I'm really surprised at how indifferent I've become to things I used to find extremely interesting not very long ago. I ought to find discussions on the Union Budget or Sustainable Development so much more fascinating than I actually do.

For example, about a year ago, I used to go online and take pains to read HBR and Economist articles. Now I've a heap of HBR articles and cases that need to be read as course work, and the pile of unread Economist issues is getting higher every week.

But hope is certainly not dead. And so I hope that curiosity too might not have given up its ghost yet. A good wake up call or urgent CPR will hopefully do the trick.


  1. Ditto mate... i also have the additional burden of deleting Mckinsey Quarterly from my mailbox!

  2. I pity you.. And I've left so many of those unread that I think they now go automatically to 'spam'.. Gmail rocks! :P

  3. What, courage man! what though care killed a CAT, thou hast mettle enough in thee to kill care.

  4. CAT killed the curiosity, and gave way to the cynical.

  5. @Maverick: On digging up a bit, I've found that Shakespeare used 'care' to mean 'worry', as was the usage of the word then. It was O Henry who first used the term 'curiosity'.

    @Ravi: Not quite. I've ended the post on a hopeful note, and I do believe my curiosity can and will be revived. :)


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