Baby Big Eyes

This is a pretty quick sketch I did (<1 hour). One of the easier subjects for several reasons:

  • Since a baby's face is so taut, lesser contrast has to be achieved for the face.
  • The baby is unknown, so I don't need to worry about getting likeness with the subject
  • Last and most importantly, no one can criticize such a cute baby! :P

  • Step 1: Started off with a rough outline, fixing the features and shading in the eyes, nose and lips

    Step 2: Got some more colour and contrast for the face, a bit of hair and ears to get a complete look

    Final touches: Once I was satisfied, darkened the eyes and finalized the tonal values (artistic jargon for contrast)

    You might know that brains don't grow in size as much as the rest of a human and hence babies have disproportionately large heads. Most noticeable is the really large forehead, which results in eyes that are somewhat in the middle of the face. Those big inquisitive eyes and the very flat nose gives them that undeniably adorable look!

    Leave a comment, or the baby might cry!


    1. What are you doing in an IIM...? :|

    2. Such a cutie... nice nice... keep going

    3. Wow.. I wish the babies really came that way. cute and silent.

    4. Why did you go to IIM... join NIFT :P....
      BTW awesome sketch ... best part is eyes

    5. Willing to try in color? I could send you some NZ pics for the scenery... Mt.Taranaki as a beginning...just a suggestion.

    6. Your best sketch till date.. :-) Flawless proprtions and shading.. Good going!

    7. @Ravi: Thanks! :)

      @The Maverick: Killing time, of course!

      @Farah: Thanks :)

      @Shivpriya: Yea, true.. Baby's are cute, as long as someone else is taking care of them :)

      @Amit: NIFT?? I wish..

      @Farah: I don't really have colour pencils. Will try them at a later stage.

      @Abhishek: Yea, I think so too. Best part was that I think it took the least effort. :)

    8. gr8!!!
      the tones of the sketch are gr8!!
      and considering that it took such a less time.....i have to say..." Talent hai yaar"

    9. really good specially d eyes :)

    10. @Sonali: Thanks a lot! :)

      @Anon: Thanks :)

    11. man, you've got talent. academically brilliant, a talent for words, an artist's me!

    12. @pankaj: hehe.. I'm really flattered, but I don't think thats legal in India yet.. :P

    13. Wow! this is the third sketch of yours that I came across - truly incredible.


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