New Year Resolutions - Do more

The great part of a new year is that its new. If you want to, you can use it to let go of past emotional baggage and find new passions and a new purpose. Thats where new year resolutions come in.

New Year resolutions are fun. Many people claim not to make them, but I could sure use an excuse to improve myself.

I'm making mine public so that I've an added pressure to stick to them. So, here goes (in no particular order):

  • Read more
I like reading and indulge in it to a reasonable extent. But I would like to read much more than I do. And yes, I will try to include the stuff I'm supposed to be reading in this as well.
  • Write more
No, I don't have any hopes of making notes in class. That would be too unrealistic an expectation. I do, however, wish to blog more often and on a wider variety of topics.
  • Speak more
Yup, this one's about speaking up in class. My tendency to drift off, and view myself as a passive observer of the proceedings is something I need to get rid off. My unenviable seat (first row) will probably take care of the drifting-off bit. Also, its not that I want to speak but can't. Its that I want to want to speak but don't. (hope that made sense)
  • Listen more
The only people I don't listen to are my Profs. So here's granting them whats probably their new year wish, that I will try to listen more to what they have to say. I have given talks to school kids and there's nothing more disconcerting than noting that someone is not listening. For the professor, that is compounded by the fact that what he's talking about is actually his life's work, the field he's spent his life gaining expertise in, and students have gone to great lengths to have the opportunity to listen to him speak (though indirectly), but once there, they're still not listening.
  • Eat more
I'll try not to skip meals, whatever the degree of their edibleness (yes, that's a word it seems!).

  • Feel more (about things and issues, not people :P)
There's a thin line here. Feeling too much about things leaves you emotionally drained and too exhausted to focus on the things you're supposed to be focusing on. But feeling too little kind of desensitizes you to things and you keep moving on on auto-pilot till you suddenly realize that you have no idea where you are and where you're going. I want to consciously manage this and rectify some gross omissions and some avoidable excesses in this regard.

I'm sure you've noticed all my resolutions are of the 'do-more' variety. That's because listing the things I should do less will actually be an admission of indulging in them excessively, and for both of our sakes, I won't be making private confessions here. Rest assured, I know what they are and hope to do less of them, which should come as a relief to at least a few people!

And finally, have a Happy and Prosperous New Year! :D


  1. Some people dismiss it as too idealistic but a lot of that is,along with being idealistically appealing, very uncluttered and practical too! All the best on implementation!

  2. Add another one... miss me more!... On a serious note,'be happy more'.

  3. Like I said, I agree with the eat more and speak more categories.. Good luck with both!

  4. @eternalmonotony: I'll need help in the implementation with constant prodding.. :)

    @Farah: already miss you 'most'.. about being happy, let me try.. weirder things have happened.. :)

    @Shivpriya: Thnx for the luck!


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