Me - Unintentional Caricature

Felt like indulging in a bit of narcissism.

Comments are welcome as usual :)


  1. Hey.. nice one dude!!! Finally got a hold of the hair strokes :) shading is good too.. and to top it all, he looks like you :)

  2. its really good...but its look somewhat funny...!!

  3. shades are nice...but certainly not you....can be said as your cartoon sketch....

  4. nice one... i'm sure u will get there :P

  5. Nice work.. but u look so much better than that in reality :)

  6. Nice work man!!
    If you're drawing again, see if you can draw me. Always wanted to have such a drawing showing me.. :)

  7. i repeat what the 7 guyz before me have said here..too good.

  8. @Abhishek: Thanks :) Used a darker pencil for the hair, and that brought out the contrast.. About it looking like me, others seem to disagree..

    @Bharat: Hmm.. Maybe I was trying to laugh and having a bad day as well :)

    @Alone Dreamer: I guess you're right, since many others are of that opinion

    @Virapandy: Thanks :)

    @Tanmay: A very special thanks for that! :D

  9. @Anonymous: Cryptic..

    @Gandhi: Wait a while. I'll be offering to do commissioned work once I become good enough. Hope you didn't expect it to be free! :P

    @kt: Thanks :)

    @Ravi: Thank you :)

  10. Did u indulge in narcissism or caricature??

    Now i am wondering whether i insulted your artistic skills or complimented your looks!

  11. @Anand: Awesome comment man!

    Between my looks and my drawing skills, I'll take a compliment for my looks any day. This, I think, is certainly narcissism..

  12. Nice one - though I wouldn't really say that it is a caricature - looks almost like you. yeah - unintentional caricature fits the bill :)


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