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Me - Unintentional Caricature

Felt like indulging in a bit of narcissism.

Comments are welcome as usual :)

6 arbit things

Was getting so bored in Marketing Research class, when I remembered Harshad's tag for six random things. Interesting way to kill time.. So here goes.

The rules, it seems, are:

1. I shall write 6 random things, and 'tag' six people to continue this
2. They shall proceed to write six random things, and 'tag' six random people
3. They shall intimate me when done.

To make it different, I'll write 6 random things that I did to kill time in this Marketing Class:
Read a couple of articles in a magazine
Played Marbles on my cell
Drew a sketchCounted the number of people dozing off in classAdded self to that numberWoke up and typed out this blog on my cell There are so many more, but this is all the rules will allow.

I'm gonna tag these guys:
Ravi Bansal,
HarshalAll of them maintain such high quality blogs that I'm worried that this tag might be viewed as 'polluting' them. But I'm doing this anyway, because I wish to read them more o…

Pehchaan Kaun?

Points for guessing who it is. Any other comments are welcome as well.

I've used a single pencil for the entire sketch. Hence contrast isn't perfect. Should get some good drawing pencils.

New Year Resolutions - Do more

The great part of a new year is that its new. If you want to, you can use it to let go of past emotional baggage and find new passions and a new purpose. Thats where new year resolutions come in.

New Year resolutions are fun. Many people claim not to make them, but I could sure use an excuse to improve myself.

I'm making mine public so that I've an added pressure to stick to them. So, here goes (in no particular order):

Read moreI like reading and indulge in it to a reasonable extent. But I would like to read much more than I do. And yes, I will try to include the stuff I'm supposed to be reading in this as well.
Write moreNo, I don't have any hopes of making notes in class. That would be too unrealistic an expectation. I do, however, wish to blog more often and on a wider variety of topics.
Speak moreYup, this one's about speaking up in class. My tendency to drift off, and view myself as a passive observer of the proceedings is something I need to get rid off. My unenv…