Stop the Violence

Another explicable random act of violence

More innocent blood spilt

Further evidence of the ineffectiveness of our government and our security agencies

Numerous examples of petty politics and irresponsible journalism

May we find solutions and prevent such a tragedy from happening again

P.S: To know the significance of the painting above, see this


  1. Why is it...that everytime we have to brand killed public as "Innocent"? Why is it...that everytime we have to brand politicians as "Innefficient"?
    Don't you deeply feel it's the lack of strength of character of our nation as a whole?
    Why is it that anybody who goes in the league "POLITICS" becomes a person not from INNOCENT public stack? Why do they change if they are not born with a tag of politicians but as general people?
    Why INNOCENT public celebrates election day as a entertaining holiday?
    And ultimately who out of the INNOCENT public(whose social responsibilty is to criticize the system) is ready to see their people and children not as doctors or engineers but politicians doing good for the country?
    How many of us are actually thinking of doing something other than fulfilling the social responsibility?

    We can't divide the nation in Politicians and Public! ( Why do you forget that once somebody becomes a politician, the whole family of the person waits for the first bribe to come and waits to exercise the power wherever they can)

    I don't say that the perfect patriotism should be reflected from everyone(as it's not possible) but to awake beyond our awareness of the wrong is the need of the hour!!!

  2. Very interesting points and very valid questions. I wish I had the answers.

    And yes, an awareness of the systemic flaws, the courage to question the status quo and the resolve to implement change are steps we all need to take. I can see a lot of attempts, of varying degrees, being taken by a lot of people in this regard.

    I hope it all leads to a better polity, better security and a stronger nation.


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