Losing Love, Again

It was too good to last. I should have known that. I should have known that she would eventually be out of my reach and I would have to move on. But even after belatedly realizing all that, knowing how to deal with it is a different matter.

The new term brought many changes. Changes in my surroundings, changes in my perspectives and my perceptions. But the most acutely felt changes were the changes in her. It was a completely different side to her; one that I had been completely unaware of. Not so long ago, time spent with her used to be fun, simple and immensely enjoyable. It had now became awkward, forced and increasingly rare. Our only meetings were in crowded public gatherings where we largely ignored each other. The only instance I spent time alone with her was a stressful couple of hours and we both were anxious to get it over with. And all the time I was with her, I kept thinking about how quickly the things one took for granted suddenly disappear. And when they do, you're left wondering how you could be so blind as to not to have seen it coming.

We are mere acquaintances now, though I wish we could at least be friends. But every time I think of improving our estranged relationship, the thought that things can never be the same again hits me, and I back away.

They say it never really stops hurting and time just teaches you to live with the pain. I hope they are wrong. I hope I wake up tomorrow with a fresh song on my lips and a new passion in my heart. I hope I don't have to stay numb like I am today for long. For while blocking out the pain, it has also shut out all pleasure.

And when all this is long over, I'm sure it would have made me a better man. Because you need to experience deep loss to truly value all of life's little blessings. And if intense pain is the price I need to pay to earn enduring happiness, then it is a bargain I willingly accept.

P.S: For the clueless, I've given explanations after the first few comments..


  1. To know the context of this post, check out my earlier post titled 'Falling in Love, again'

  2. I feel for you brother...

  3. Bhai ye kya imagine karte rehte ho?? Cos IIMK me to aisa possible nahi hai jo likha hai...
    (I have read your earlier post... So don't say that... Just tell me the source of inspiration... QM?? FM??)

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  5. Some explanations are in order, I guess.

    'changes in her': Last term I had Microeconomics and this term its Macroeconomics.

    'crowded public gatherings': class :)

    'stressful couple of hours': Macroeco exam :)

    And I've used the creative license for exaggeration :)

  6. Another good post. :)

  7. So sorry that the Lord(read The plump Prof) of your love did not wish to venture with it this time round.

  8. hi man...guess u r spendin all ur free time on ur ...blog.. :)

  9. what attracted you towards her...? What is takin u away?

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