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Stop the Violence

Another explicable random act of violence
More innocent blood spilt
Further evidence of the ineffectiveness of our government and our security agencies
Numerous examples of petty politics and irresponsible journalism
May we find solutions and prevent such a tragedy from happening again

P.S: To know the significance of the painting above, see this

Ambition vs Life

A semi-serious look at where life's heading. Click on the image to enlarge..

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SPOILER ALERT: This post contains views on the movie 'Traitor' featuring Don Cheadle, (the guy in Hotel Rwanda) and Guy Pearce (from Memento). Watch the movie if you haven't yet and then return to this post.

Hollywood throws up some true gems from time to time. And while many of the great movies get deserved acclaim, there are also several that slip through the cracks. This movie is one such.

The film's theme is terrorism and the role of religion in it. Given the theme, I, quite frankly, expected it to serve up a lot of cliches and stereotypes packaged in clever camera work and jazzy special effects. And the first few scenes did nothing to change my view. But gradually and unexpectedly, as the story built up around the main character 'Samir' (Cheadle), a black American Muslim involved with terrorists, it began to delve deeper into the motivations of a terrorist and what a truly religious man is ready to believe and commit. And though he blows up a building that …

Losing Love, Again

It was too good to last. I should have known that. I should have known that she would eventually be out of my reach and I would have to move on. But even after belatedly realizing all that, knowing how to deal with it is a different matter.

The new term brought many changes. Changes in my surroundings, changes in my perspectives and my perceptions. But the most acutely felt changes were the changes in her. It was a completely different side to her; one that I had been completely unaware of. Not so long ago, time spent with her used to be fun, simple and immensely enjoyable. It had now became awkward, forced and increasingly rare. Our only meetings were in crowded public gatherings where we largely ignored each other. The only instance I spent time alone with her was a stressful couple of hours and we both were anxious to get it over with. And all the time I was with her, I kept thinking about how quickly the things one took for granted suddenly disappear. And when they do, you're l…