IIT Madras vs IIM Kozhikode

Got the idea for this in class.

My personal (current) perception of the relative strengths of the various features of both these institutions:


  1. u r having more fun at iim.. i dont believe it. u wont get time for movies, tv series and the biggest of all; u wont be get any time for following footer :D

  2. @ajey
    Yes, all that is true. But fun here is in working in groups on interesting tasks. And maybe since time is so precious here, whatever little of it we get free, we make sure its well spent.. No lazy weekends for example..

  3. I dont agree with you on two aspects. One is academic learning and the other one fun.. So justify.. :D

  4. chhiiii.... since when do u find work interesting ?? :P

  5. @nirjhar
    Don't really know what or why I should justify my view on academic learning. Lets just say electrical engineering was more about developing 'hard skills', something you could only learn in an academic setting, whereas here we learn about the management practice, which is very subjective. So in spite of reading a lot of marketing, you really can't say that you've understood it.

    About fun, as I said earlier, we are a bit more aggressive in trying to maximize any opportunity for fun. And since its contrasted with the extreme workload, I end up appreciating it more. Kinda like you'd enjoy sleeping much more after a couple of night-outs.. Its all relative..

    dude, I'm not in electrical engineering anymore! This work is mostly interesting.. :)

  6. I'm not in electrical engineering anymore.

    psued puts..

  7. Nice work, although it'll be interesting to see this graph at this point in every term - as you figure out more about K and are influenced less by IITM :)

    Keep writing - PGP12 blogs are prob. our last links to K.

    Rahul Gaitonde.
    Class of 2008

  8. @Rahul
    Some really amazing blogs by IIMK alumni! PGP12 hopes to live up to those high standards..

  9. Some other places this has reached:



    Thanks guys! :)

  10. Aziz on his interesting work IIM-K:
    "mid-term barbaad ho gaye yaar! :(
    mugne wale subjects hain saare..
    textbook ratna hota hai..
    hasna bandh karo.. mujhe jhelna padh raha hai!

    Aziz, you gotta admit that IITM was the best time you had in your life as far as fun is concerned!!

  11. @ ajey:

    lol! good find! :)

    But as I told you, by 'work' I meant non-acad work. That includes volunteering work, committee work, case studies etc.

    And yes, several subjects require more memorization than I can manage and are not really fun.

    But at a deeper level, I think I rated IIMK as more fun, becoz I would hate to think that I've already had the most fun time I'll have in my life, and that its all downhill from here.. :|

  12. well.. I am of the opinion that IITM was a much better learning experience with peers.

    You may say that the generic sort of learning in IIM K is better.. but you can't compare the two institutions.. IITM is way above IIM K in absolute terms..

    open to anyone who wishes to refute my argument, :)


  13. ooooooohh...IIM !


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