Course Bubbles

In spite of the danger of being accused of being obsessed with acads, I present another analysis of the courses I am doing this term.

To the accusers, I have only two things to say:
  1. I spend time in class thinking up such stuff and
  2. I spend time making such graphs and posting them here.
Both these points should convince them that I only 'analyze' acads, and do not indulge in them.

Well, here it is: (click on the graph to view a larger image)

The size of the bubble represents the amount of work each requires (which is somewhat proportional to difficulty)

As always, this is based solely on my current perceptions and the bubbles could move over time.

As for the opinion of the class in general, I think many would like economics to move left, MIS to move up, and marketing to move right.
Feel free to comment on how you would like to move the bubbles! (this is obviously for classmates)


  1. Man you have some gift of conjuring up these weird graphs.
    The analysis seems spot on though.

  2. theres a strong personal bias to it :)

  3. STI should be way up...way, way up....

  4. @maverick:
    glad you agree!


    really? you could argue that the size should be bigger.. but considering you're allowed to express your own views in the paper, I wouldn't really call it difficult..


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