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Bitten by the CAT

Correct, Arrange and Complete:

A. The IIM faculty that was/were chosen to set the paper is/are at sixes and sevens about how to set an unambiguous paper to avoid censure/censor.
B. The very previous year(,) they had done the exact same thing.
C. I am beside(s) myself with rage at their using a comma to decide the fates of hundreds of students.
D. Regrettably/Regretfully, this has led to a healthy distrust/mistrust of the mechanism for selection.
E. Nothing could be further/farther from the truth that any rationale for such a paper could be credulous/credible.


Para conclusion:
(1) Being over-exclusive is the easiest way to pretend to have quality.
(2) As far as IIMs keep many good people out, they would be able to sustain the myth that those that get in are better.
(3) You need mind reading skills to be a manager.
(4) If luck screws you out of an IIM seat, then it would have screwed you even if you had got in. So why bother?
(5) You'l…