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A helping hand

Yesterday I got a chance to accompany my colleagues for a trip to several small govt. schools as part of my company's (LSI) CSR activity. All the employees contribute and buy school bags and stationery. These are then distributed to school kids who can't afford them. This not only helps the students in these schools, but also gives motivation for those who are not in school to join it.

I'll let the pictures do all the talking..
The bags

Unloading from the truck

Distributing (me on the left)

He won't let go!


and nice!

It was a pleasure seeing the happiness and hope in their eyes.

Credit for the photographs go to my colleagues Romana et. al.. Great shots guys!

Why should I vote for TAJ?

You must have come across it several times by now. You probably also did what it said. Yes, I'm talking about the massive Vote for Taj campaign. Every news channel, every newspaper, some celebrities and one minister have been exhorting the public to vote for the Taj.
Why? Why should I vote for the Taj? Just because it is the only Indian entry in the list (who's list is it anyway? not UNESCO's for sure) why should I vote for it? 'Because you are an Indian' comes the exasperated reply. So just because I'm an Indian, should I ignore the history and 'wonder'fulness of the other wonders on the list. Is this how I should show my loyalty? Is this how it will be judged? Would voting for some others on the list demonstrate patriotic perfidy?

Now think what happens when all Indians are made to feel this way (thats what the adverts are trying to do). From the absurd popularity contest it was meant to be, it turns out to be an even more absurd loyalty contest. Goin…